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  • Mike Mike Aug 19, 2014 2:50 PM Flag

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    Standard H2H. 12 Team

    QB: Drew Brees
    WR: Desean Jackson
    WR: Michael Floyd
    WR: Brandon Cooks
    RB: Matt Forte
    RB: Zac Stacy
    TE: Rob Gronkowski
    K: Matt Prater
    DEF: Kansas City

    BN: Josh Gordon (WR)
    BN: Hakeem Nicks (WR)
    BN: Dennis Pitta (TE)
    BN: Aaron Dobson (WR)
    BN: Deangelo Williams (RB)
    BN: Mike Williams (WR)

    Obviously won't be keeping that many WR's throughout the season. But want to see if any of them can jump in starting lineup seeing as how weak I am at that position. Feel as though My other players will more than make up for it.

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    • Likes: Forte, Stacy, Brees, Michael Floyd and depending on what round you got him, Gronk
      Dislikes: the rest of your team. especially the back up TE Pick and deangelo williams

    • Your strengths are QB, starting RB and TE. Not having a back up QB is not that big of deal since you have Brees. No sense wasting a roster spot on a guy who you'll use once. Just don't expect much from your replacement that 1 week. Your starting RBs are solid. However if either one of them suffers an injury you could be in trouble. If both go down that could be disastrous. You need to pick up another RB. See if Carlos Hyde is out there or Davonta Freeman. Your WRs are ok but nothing special. If Gordon does play this year that will help but not for a while. A healthy Gronk will be huge for your team. Even if he's not Pitta is a solid back up. In my opinion Prater is not the best K but he is in the best situation. He plays in Denver and the Broncos score a ton. KC has a good D and with Thomas returning kicks they have the chance to score TDs like they did last year. All in all I give your team a 6.5-7. But since I don't know the other teams rosters I can't tell you what your chances of success are. Good Luck

    • Is Carlos Hyde available on waivers?

    • Not a very good team. A few good players but a ton of question marks and overrated players. Outside of Pitta your bench will not give you much and it has very limited upside. Overall 4/10

    • Don't listen to Matt. That's a good team. However, it isn't "great". Personally, I don't like your WR situation. Cooks is nice, but chances are he won't be a WR1 this season, so don't expect him to carry you there. DeSean had a career season last year, but he still only managed a low-end WR1 high-end WR2 season. Now he's not in as good of a situation. Michael Floyd is good, but looking at Arizone, I'm not confident in his abilities to be a WR1 either.

      Gronk can help carry you, but obviously a question mark, but Pitta backing him up could help with that. Forte is obviously elite. Stacy can be really good and I think he should be a god RB2. However, you have no depth at RB, and your bench is very weak.

      If I were you I'd make Pitta your starter, then try to package Gronk with DeSean to try and see if there's an owner that will bite and give you an elite WR like Dez or Marshall or Green. Then maybe pick up a new backup TE on waivers. See if Ertz, Green, or Heath Miller are available... or trade with a team that has one of them and try to get them back in return with the better WR.

      I wouldn't trade Cooks, though, because he's good value for where you got him, and you probably won't find anyone that will give you enough in return for him. See how he pans out and hope that Gordon gets his suspension reduced.

    • I like this team. little thin on RB depth, and the WR's aren't blue chippers, but I think this is a very competitive squad for 12 team league. I'll give you and 8/10

    • your starting line up is very solid....personally i hate stacy this season...but that is just my take....your bench is terrible...only guys i like are gordon if he plays and pitta....but if gronk is healthy pitta is useless.....instead of drafting guys like nicks, dobson, williams(s)....i would have drafted guys with more upside....your rb situation after your starter is very weak....i would not want deangelo as my rb3 in a 16 team league...let alone a 12 team

    • For a 12 this has high quality starters. It is not the construct I use as it lacks the RB depth you need to adjust to injuries, benchings and shared workloads and is heavy on WRs, the position of greatest depth and, accordingly, smallest need. I agree with other posters that the bench personnel, even if you disregard the positional imbalance, are not strong. With the exception of Pitta, who has a purpose, and Josh, there is basically nothing added by your bench: no upside prospects, no "inherit the workload with an injury," no starters during bye weeks, and not even a handcuff to one of your starters. I like the core at perhaps an 8 of 10 but this isn't a team that figures to hold up over the course of the season, so 5 of 10 is likely a more accurate ranking.


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