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  • Claudio Claudio Aug 18, 2014 10:28 AM Flag

    Keeper League Team Just Drafted..Need some advice!

    Hello, I had my draft last night for our 12 man PPR Keeper League. We were allowed to keep 3 which I kept J.Charles, G. Bernard and Julio Jones. I also had the 7th overall pick. We also implemented a new rookie keeper starting this year. I want to know you opinion with my team and if you think some changes should be done. Im quite happy with my team just feel weak at the TE position. For my first pick I went with V.Cruz as it was between him and K.Allen and i just went with the player from my favourite team. For the TE position I kind of waited to long and didnt have a rookie yet so i went with E. Ebron. Guys like Bennett, Clay, Miller, Walker were still on the board. Thanks in advance!

    QB- Foles
    WR- J.Jones
    WR- V.Cruz
    RB- J. Charles
    RB- G. Bernard
    TE- E. Ebron
    W/R/T- D. Jackson
    K- Bailey
    DEF- Seattle

    BN- T. Austin
    BN- D. Bowe
    BN- Chris Johnson
    BN- Deangelo Willams
    BN- Dwayne Allen

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