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  • yardpenalty.com yardpenalty.com Aug 17, 2014 6:37 PM Flag

    LIVE DRAFT next Sunday! 2 managers needed. Keeper league 16-team ppr. 2 keepers only. Drafted outside the top 48 the year prior.


    Please email me at yardpenalty at here if you are a serious manager who wants to play in a fun competitive PPR league. You will be assigned a team from 2013 and choose two keepers who were drafted after the 3rd rd and are on your roster. These keepers will count as 10th and 1tth rd picks. Look forward to having u! DEADLINE is AUG 20th for keepers draft shortly following (24th). Awesome scoring settings. 1pt per rec, .25 per carry, .5 per comp., -.25 per inc, 1pt per 10 yds, 6pts for all tds, on offense you get 1pt per 25yds kr/pr too! Makes up for the 16-team player pool.

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