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  • Michael W Michael W Aug 15, 2014 2:31 AM Flag

    Fantasy Football Newbie looking for some draft help

    Hi everyone,

    This is only my second year of participating in fantasy football. I’ve done everything I can to avoid just donating to the pot, from reading up on players and teams to watching more games. I’ve also tried to do research online. However, I am still WAY behind in terms of knowledge compared to other people in my league (and pretty much everyone else that plays fantasy football). I hadn’t watched football since the 90s and I just don’t know enough about the players and the teams to make decisions on drafts. Our league is a standard PPR league but our commissioner has increased the point values for interceptions and fumble recoveries, making Defense more valuable than usual. That being said, I need some help for my draft on Saturday night. I really want to do better than last year (7th out of 12). Can you guys help me out? Specifically:

    1) Draft order – Last year I ran RB - WR - RB - WR - RB - WR - RB - WR - QB - Def - TE - K.

    I was watching a show that recommended drafting any of the top 3 QBs first if they are available, but I’m not sure how solid this advice is.

    2) Players to AVOID for ANY reason.

    The reason for this is that I don’t know enough about the players, and when I go down the rankings list I don’t want to grab someone that might get injured a lot, is inconsistent, etc.

    3) Sleepers to pick up and keep an eye out for during the season (I was lucky and picked up eddie lacy AND zac stacy on my team last year), or any late round steals

    4) What site(s) I should use for player rankings?

    This is how I usually decide who to pick going down the list for positions. Is this a bad way to pick players solely based on their rankings? If it’s time for a WR then I’ll go down the rankings list and pick whoever is highest that is available. I do this for each position basically. I’ve tried to learn things like handcuffing and other stuff that I don’t remember, but that’s too complicated still for me.

    5) Any other tips/resources


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    • There are plenty of guys that could be good value 'sleepers'. Most of them are RBs such as Christine Michael, Carlos Hyde, Devonta Freeman, Jeremy Hill, and Andre Williams. These are young guys or rookies behind older/injured talent or play different role than the starter that could become tremendous value if the guys in front of them go down. Its the same principle behind a handcuff, but you don't need the starter (and this could turn into trade bait for those who DO have the starter).

      As for sites, it really depends. If anything I would go look at a site that has rankings for PPR and rearrange your rankings accordingly or compare two sites (lets for example say CBS Sports and ESPN). Yahoo's rankings will always reflect standard leagues. Guys like Shane Vereen, Danny Woodhead, Darren Sproles can go from Flex to RB2s in PPR leagues where as you see guys like Marshawn Lynch and Alfred Morris go from high tier RB1s to mid-low end RB1s.

      Again this is all my opinion so you can take this advice for what it is. Just one guy's opinion.

    • First thing is first. Draft order is dependent on getting value with each pick and from what position. If your in a top position in the draft (1-4) then a top RB should be what your after (Charles, McCoy, Peterson, Forte). If you are in the middle of the pack (5-8) then a top flight WR (Megatron, Demarius Thomas, AJ Green) or Jimmy Graham are excellent selections. Remember that its about value, so if you see one of the top 4 RBs fall past pick #6 or so then go get them. Late round picks (9-12) have you looking at Brandon Marshall, Julio Jones, DeMarco Murray, Eddie Lacy, Leveon Bell, Montee Ball. I'm not as high on the last 3 RBs in a PPR format but they should all get plenty of work.

      So whether you end up with a RB, WR or TE in the first round depends on draft position and value. I wouldn't recommend a QB in round 1 or even round 2, but don't be surprised if Peyton Manning goes at the end of the first round over guys Murray, Ball, Bell etc..

      Early rounds end up being high on WRs and RBs who catch balls out of the backfield. Going only RB and WR in your first 4-5 picks is what a lot of people will do.. But again it is about value. If you see Jimmy Graham late in the 1st or at any position in the 2nd round, get him. If it is the third round and Peyton Manning is there you might want to take him. If you see QBs or TEs going on runs (if you see several picks in a row of the same position) don't panic and feel like you have to take a QB or TE.

      Defense and Kicker should be your last two picks. Maybe I can see jumping a round early on defense but even with your adjusted scoring for defenses but otherwise you should be getting value on your bench. Also there is usually no need for a back up QB and even TE (unless you can flex a TE and have someone like Graham).

      Players to avoid is really just opinions. People will list people who burned them in the past or who have been injured to much in the past. The only one to be aware of is Josh Gordon because of his suspension.

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      • Well, I'm at the bottom of the draft (#10/14). Would you recommend still going for a WR first? When you say that if Jimmy Graham is still available late in the first round or at any position in the 2nd round to get him - the problem is that I don't understand the value of players. I don't know the players well enough that I would be able to make that kind of decision. Is this just based on player rankings?

        Thanks for the responses


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