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  • Matt Matt Aug 13, 2014 7:03 PM Flag

    Eddy Lacy

    What do you think? Does he live up to the hype? When should he be drafted? I'm concerned about the Alabama RB bust history (Ingram, Richardson).

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    • I was shocked how many passes he caught last year. In college he wasn't known for that. So I think he lives up to the hype because he will be an every down back and even though they are pass first he will just catch a lot of passes as well as getting rushing yards.

    • I think Lacy is well worth the hype, honestly he's the player I most want right now. With Rodgers, maybe Lacy gets fewer carries, what maybe 5 fewer per game? But, his YPC should go up without having to run through stacked boxes like last year. Plus, I think with Rodgers at QB, safeties playing back more to play the WR, Lacy will get a few more catches out of the backfield.

    • So did anyone watch this guy last year? He's a beast. That and he has Rodgers back. Why anyone thinks that will hurt him, I don't know. Look at all of the running backs behind Manning, they've all done great. Rodgers gets the guys out of the box off the line to give him more room. He was top 5 last year in yards after contacts too. I personally think he'll be top 3 this year. I wouldn't hesitate drafting him in the first. If you get him in the 2nd you need a new league! Oh, and by no way shape or form am I anywhere near a packers fan

    • He will get lion's share of carries, is the goal line back, and they want to throw the ball to him more. top 5 all the way!

    • I think he is overhyped. Green Bay is a pass first offense when Rodgers in playing. Of course Lacy had a lot of touches when Rodgers was out...it was a better option than having their lousy backup QBs throwing up picks all time. I don't think he is top 5 back. I don't think he is top 10 back. I put him in the 13-16 range.

    • I bet he lives up to the hype, a healthy Rodgers will help him out even more, but I you handcuff him with Starks late in the draft. Lacy took a beating last year and was dinged up a beat and he does have a decent injury history from college, and I also believe he did better than both Ingram and T-Rich in his 1st year than they did. I hate the Packers but I would take him anywhere in the top 5


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