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    Dynasty league 1st pick who to draft

    I joined a dynasty league mid season last year when an owner stopped managing. Team stinks so in major rebuild mode. I own the first pick. Any insights on the best available player to take. I see no clear cut player. Tried to trade but only getting offers for guys that won't improve on what I have. I'm set at QB with Griffin and Foles. There will pretty much only be rookies to choose from because teams keep 20 players. I'm thinking Sankey because he looks like the starter this year and the future. Hyde, West and Andre Williams look like they will be future starters but won't contribute as much this year. At WR there's obviously Watkins, Evans, Cooks. Not sure any of those guys contributes right away. Any thoughts?

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    • I'd go with Watkins. From the sounds of it this team isn't contending this year so just go with the guy with the most talent for the future. Sankey may get more FF points this year but in the grand scheme of things he is an average RB in a volume position this year. Watkins has the talent to be an AJ Green or D Thomas like player especially if EJ sucks this year and the Bills have a chance to draft a better passer like Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota next year.

    • Thanks for the help. I'm probably going Sankey. Then hope that a guy like Benjamin and Andre Williams will be there with my 2nd and 3rd picks. If I could get Sankey, Benjamin and Williams that would give me some good young guys. Sankey can help now and when Gore and Johnson are done then hopefully Benjamin and Williams will be producing.

    • Of that group I'd say Sankey is the pick. He should get more FF points over the others just because of volume. He should be the lead back for Tenn. But, it all depends on who you're keeping. If your RB keepers are a lot better than your WR keepers, you may need to go with a WR.

      Need more info.

    • I think Sankey, Watkins and Cooks will payoff sooner than the rest. Barring injury of course. Could you post the rest of your team so we can see where you need the most help?

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      • Its a 10 team non PPR league. QBs get 6 points for TDs and .05 per passing yard with bonus 3 pts for over 400 yards passing so this league heavily favors QBs. The RBs and WR/TEs are standard with bonus 3 points for over 200 yards. Players can get return yards as well so Austin and Tate get added points.

        Here are the guys that I will keep or potentially keep.
        QB Foles, Griffin, Tannehill
        RB F Gore, J. Bell, Woodhead, R. turbin
        WR A. Johnson, G. Tate, T. Austin, Edelman, Streater, Robert Woods
        TE Pitta
        There are also individual Defensive players so that is why you keep 20 players. You can only have a max of 7 Wrs and 6 Rbs on roster. I'm focusing on offense for draft. I have good young QBs so I won't draft a QB unless manziel is best available later in draft. I need to replace Gore and Johnson with in the next year. I could take Hyde to handcuff Gore and be a future starter at RB but Sankey will start now and in future.

        I'm thinking Sankey 1st and Maybe someone like Benjamin in the 2nd if he falls that far then Andre Williams 3rd. Its a snake draft and I thought none of those guys would be around but looking at last year some good rookies made it to the end of the 2nd and beginning of 3rd.


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