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  • Donny Donny Aug 13, 2014 7:42 AM Flag

    Montee Ball or Andre Ellington

    I am in a keeper league; standard scoring. The aforementioned players will both be available for me when I pick. I know most would say Ball should be the pick, but this is more of a long term investment. Who should I go with?

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    • It's hard to say no to Ball. He played well last year when he got his chances, he is in an offense capable of producing a top 5 RB and he will get the goal line carries and rack up the TD's. Even when Peyton is gone I still think he will be a good player because they have a head coach that loves to run the ball and a great offensive line. That being said I love Ellington too. There are plenty of RB touches in that offense and I think he is the more skilled back overall, but the position Ball is in this year is too good to pass up.

    • Still looking for more comments. Thanks again.

    • Anyone else?

    • Id go Ellington for a number of reasons. First off he is the better skill back. I am not 100% sure Ball is as good as he is... I mean he had the "nod" last year and got beat out by a guy that was left for dead in Moreno. Plus Ellington could do well down the road and be a top back... where my guy thinks if Ball does well..it is because of Manning... So in a few years when Manning is gone... Ball could stink where Ellington is still doing well

    • Any other thoughts? I greatly appreciate all of the feedback so far.

    • first things first, always WIN NOW.
      so with that in mind, ball has top 5 potential, so hes the pick plain and simple.
      even when manning leaves, the offense is in better shape than arizona. who do they have at qb?
      i think ball is underrated, not at draft value but skill-set. he gets talked about like he sucks but hes in a good spot, so....

    • how long can you keep these guys. Ball right now looks good with that offense and Moreno last year finished top 5 for RBs. Ball could easily replace that production this year. If Manning goes down or retires soon that offense will stink and Ball could as well. Ball will be really good this year and possibly next but after that it is up in the air due to what Manning does.

      Ellington looks promising but it is Arizona. Every time they start to look good they fall back to garbage.

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      • I can keep a player anywhere from 2-4 years. Based off of that information, it seems like you lean towards Ball.
        Personally, I am torn. I see Ball as a workhorse RB in a great offense. I feel like this will be Peyton's last year though. So who knows how good Ball could be after this year. This year, he should be a beast. He has little competition as far as backups go and he will see the majority of goal line work; unlike Ellington. But, Ellington is characterized as a playmaker for me. I read somewhere that Ellington most compares to Tiki Barber in 2000. He has similar size (under 6', 200 lbs) and possesses many of the same question marks as Barber did at that time (durbaility, etc.). However, Barber still ended up with 1000 yds rushing and 700 yards receiving in 2000. Even if Ellington doesn't get 20 carries a game, he should still hit that mark and it sounds like he is going to be a pass catcher in the mold of Sproles. So he should come close to that receiving yardage.

        Any other thoughts?

    • The better skillset is Ellington. The better offense and opportunity is Ball. I'm just so wary of Ball because his most significant skills deficiencies are precisely in the areas that could cause him to lose a significant part of his anticipated workload (i.e., pass protection and receiving) and, because of his surgery, we will have no opportunity to see his skills improvement level before our drafts. So, I'm avoiding Ball, but that may be a mistake.

    • Both have risk, both are unproven. I'd keep the one in the better offense, with the better QB, and plays on the team with about a 15 year streak of success at the RB position.

    • who are you keeping?


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