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  • Bobby Bobby Aug 11, 2014 11:52 PM Flag

    How's My Team?

    12 Team, 10th pick:

    QB. Andrew Luck
    WR. Vincent Jackson
    WR. Roddy White
    WR. Brandin Cooks
    RB. DeMarco Murray
    RB. Giovanni Bernard
    TE. Greg Olsen
    DF. Carolina

    BN. Rashad Jennings
    BN. Emmanuel Sanders
    BN. Steve Smith
    BN. Mark Ingram
    BN. Ryan Tannehill
    BN. Tampa Bay

    How does my team look?
    Thanks in advance!

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    • LOL you put your whole fantasy season on murray who has not played 16 games since he has been in the NFL (3 years) hahaha Vincent Jackson?? TB doesn't even have a starting QB yet #FAIL bernard is your starting RB? he does not even get goal line carries had 7 games with 2 or less catches and 0 games with 100 yards…
      olsen and luck will be decent this year but carolina d? cmon bro they have to play NO and ATL 2 times
      if you want to save your season you will trade bernard and murray for a top 5 pick and start jennings
      BTW roddywhite +vjax+smith = 98 years old

    • good team but nothing special. I love Luck this year. I think this is his big breakout year and finishes as a top 3 QB. WR's are decent but hit or miss. Jackson will put up huge numbers one week then nothing the next. Roddy is getting older but should still be a very good WR2 with Julio back. Cooks has crazy potential but is a rookie on a team with a lot of mouths to feed. Murray and Bernard could both be great or underachieve depending on how they are used. Your RB position has top notch upside but is risky. Olsen is Cam's best target so he should have a good year. Bench has some good upside with Jennings, Sanders and Tannehill. A good waiver pick up could make this a very competitive team if all goes right.

    • who was your 1st pick? Murray?


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