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  • Andrew Andrew Aug 11, 2014 12:19 AM Flag

    Rank my draft

    Hey guys, just did a mock draft to practice for real draft money league scheduled for later in the month. Just trying to get feedback on picking strategy and overall selection. I was 8th overall picker and the list as it shows is the order I picked them.

    1. Marshawn Lynch (Sea - RB)
    2. Zac Stacy (StL - RB)
    3. Nick Foles (Phi - QB)
    4. Percy Harvin (Sea - WR)
    5. T.Y. Hilton (Ind - WR)
    6. Marques Colston (NO - WR)
    7. Martellus Bennett (Chi - TE)
    8. Stephen Gostkowski (NE - K)
    9. Baltimore (Bal - DEF)
    10. Andy Dalton (Cin - QB)
    11. Darren McFadden (Oak - RB)
    12. Jordan Matthews (Phi - WR)
    13. New York (NYG - DEF)
    14. Dwayne Allen (Ind - TE)
    15. Ryan Succop (KC - K)

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    • I'm assuming this is a standard league? Is there a flex? How many teams (10, 12?)

      If this is PPR then this is a TERRIBLE draft. If it is a standard league then its just bad. I think Lynch isn't that bad at #8 but there is guys I'd much rather have at that pick (was Demaryius Thomas still there? Jimmy Graham? Megatron? Eddie Lacy?). 2nd round is even worse just because if you were in a 10 team, your 2nd rd pick was pick #13 and no way is Zac Stacy worth that. Even in a 12 team is he worth that spot in the 2nd rd. Foles is a serious over reach in the 3rd unless this is a 2QB league and even still might not be worth a 3rd. Your next three picks are each 2-3 rounds too early. Bennett is just eww. Going K, Def and backup QB after that is just bad. Looks even worse that you took the kicker before the Def. In a 1 QB league with less than 14 teams, you don't need a backup QB. You don't need a backup Defense or kicker either.

      Sorry friend. This is just no good.

    • How many people actually stayed for the entire mock?

      Hate your first pick, second pick, third pick, sixth pick, seventh pick, eighth pick and ninth especially(why would you draft a kicker at all and defense last round bro), tenth pick, wait basically all your picks. Draft like that and see yourself finish last. While some things I said are opinions and not factual, like the fact that I think a better pick was there at 8 than Lynch, some things I said aren't. There is literally NO REASON to draft a kicker unless you draft right before the season starts. You use that spot to draft someone that might gain value between the day of your draft and the season. And again, defense at the END of the draft. Really, if nothing all that special is there by that point, skipping drafting a DEF for a player that may gain value is ideal as well. And you definitely don't wanna draft two DEF and two Ks.


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