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    In what order would you draft these 4 RB's???

    Marshawn Lynch
    Le'Veon Bell
    Montee Ball
    Demarco Murray

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    • Murray is obviously the best back on that list. Last year, with only 217 carries, Murray had 1,121 yards and 9 tds. That is over 5.2 yards per carry and over 80 yards per game. Oh, he also had 53 receptions in those games as well. Since we can't predict injuries, let's assume everyone is healthy and plays all 16 games. Murray, in 16 games, getting 18 carries per game, and averaging 5.2 yards per carry would have 288 carries for 1497 yards and 11 tds, plus 66 receptions, another 450 receiving yards and another 3 rec td. That is better than the rest of that list in their best possible year and that would just be Murray's average 16 game season. Bell has no pedigree for ever putting up any numbers like that and Ball was not knocking out huge stats when he got to play last year. Why would Ball or Bell suddenly be better players just because they are RB1 instead of RB2? Getting a promotion doesn't make you more physically gifted. Rashad Jennings went from RB2 to RB1 in Jacksonville and sucked. There is no sane reason to think that two unproven guys, Bell and Ball, will outperform a guy who demonstrated exceptional ability last year, despite not being totally healthy. Murray is a stud. He could finish 4th among all RB this year if he plays 16 games. He has that ability. Lynch is a stud, but he's going to lose carries, so he's going to suffer a little in his stats. After Murray and Lynch, Bell and Ball are roughly equal, but either one could be a bust, even if they are healthy. If they all boom, Murray will have 1,700 yards and 70 catches and nobody else on that list will approach that. At best, Bell and Ball are good for 1,400 yards and 60 catches. The people drafting Ball, Bell or Lynch ahead of Murray are the best players on the next guy's team. You are helping the guy drafting behind you win the league by gifting him a player like Murray every other round.

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      • I didn't even finish reading this after the first four sentences because they were so flawed it's hilarious.

        I got news for ya bud, this year everyone isn't gonna run for the exact ypc, touchdown pace and so forth that they did last year. Doesn't work that way. Wouldn't be much of a point to play if it did(Oh and I'm a Cowboys fan btw still laughing at this).

        See if it worked like that, then Murray would've averaged 4.1 ypc like he did two years ago. Again, it doesn't. Lines improve, passing games improve(in the case of helping the RBs), RBs evolve and get better.

        Overall pure talent, Murray probably is the best. He is tied to a great offense. Sadly, Dallas doesn't like to run it like they should. Murray has missed 11 games in 3 years while only getting about 650 touches total(so roughly 215 a year). Bottom line is thats serious enough to factor into his value and Dallas knows this and is extremely unlikely to let him go for 300 plus touches.

        Then go to Montee Ball, he averaged 4.7 ypc as a rookie, again as a rookie. Not too shabby. The Broncos ran the ball more than anyone near the goal line last year(wild isn't it), lost Decker and he is now the feature back. Ball saw 150 touches as a back-up last year. A year more of advancement, a lead role tied to the best offense in the league with a history showing he can handle a big workload(go check college stats - which btw Murray struggled to stay healthy at the OU also) and it all adds up to Ball being the play over Murray. Again, this is coming from a Cowboys fan.

    • Ball, Lynch, Murray, Bell if we only talking this year.

    • Lynch, Murray, Ball, Bell

    • Seeing the Seahawk avatar makes me think of this:

      A lot of times I have witnessed managers overvalue their home team players more than they should. My father does this with the Cowboys and he gets last every year. It is likely you may overvalue Lynch for this reason. I personally believe it is hard to properly evaluate your favorite team's players, I tend to undervalue them quite a bit. I am not talking Charles, Peterson, Rodgers, etc, I am talking about non consensus type players such as these.

      With that in mind, for you I would rank them like this:

      If you were a Cowboy fan, I'd switch Murray and Lynch. I am a (disgruntled) Cowboy fan, so I rank Murray lower for the same reason.

    • Bell, Murray, Lynch, Ball

    • lynch, murray, ball, bell

    • Just this season:


    • lynch, ball, murray, bell


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