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  • Jay Dubbs Jay Dubbs Aug 6, 2014 12:40 PM Flag

    Andy Dalton

    I see this guy is ranked in the 100's, yet he put up great numbers last year. I trust him this year more than Newton and others, why does everyone avoid him?

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    • I think Dalton gets bumped down a little further than he should. You can't expect last year's numbers but he still has good WR's who are red zone options and a running back who will catch a lot of passes with the chance to go the distance on occasion. I definitely like Dalton a little more than the experts do.

    • As the other posts show, there are few neutral opinions of Dalton. I dislike him as a real football option but his fantasy production has been first rate. Will that continue? I doubt he's a top 5 fantasy producer like he was in 2013, but his current ADP is not even in QB1 territory and I doubt his production falls that far.

    • There are a reasons why people avoid him as their starter -

      1) He throws a lot of INTs
      2) With Jay Gruden gone, they will not be more run heavy under Hue Jackson
      3) There are simply better options out there.

      I like Dalton alot, but I like him more as a high end backup, or a QB2 in 2 Quarterback leagues. I don't love him as a starter. You can get EXCELLENT values this year by waiting and taking guys like Rivers, Kaepernick, RGIII, Brady, etc. Dalton is a tier below those players in fantasy.

      I agree that I don't trust Cam Newton in fantasy this year. But there are a handful of QBs that I trust a whole lot more than Andy Dalton


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