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  • Bobby Bobby Jul 31, 2014 12:29 PM Flag

    Am I crazy if I don't keep AP

    10 team .5 PPR 2 keeper. We keep players 2 rounds ahead of where they were drafted last year. So I had a horrible draft (Ridley and Brady in the 2nd and 3rd rounds), but made the playoffs on the backs of waiver pickups. My keeper possibilities are AP losing my first round pick, or Julius Thomas, Leveon Bell, and Alshon Jeffery losing a 13th round pick. If I pick 2 of the 13th round guys I lose a 12th and a 13th. I know for sure I am keeping Jeffery. At first I was thinking it was a no brainer and I would keep AP, but I am now leaning towards Bell.

    It will depend somewhat on the draft order which isn't set yet, but I know a good amount of guys will not have a first round pick and some won't have a second round pick because of the keeper situation. We are doing a poker tournament to determine the draft order, and I suck at poker lol. The first person out is the 12th pick and the last person standing gets the 1st pick. Actually looking at the league there is only 1 guy, and possibly 2 that don't have a first round keeper on their team, but if people do like I am thinking and don't keep their first round guy and I drop AP, I may not be able to get him back. Maybe I'm over thinking it. Any thoughts?

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