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  • DustynR DustynR Jul 30, 2014 2:36 PM Flag

    2nd pick overall. HELP!

    I have the 2nd overall pick in my league.
    scoring: 1 ppr, 6 for td, 10yds/pt, yard bonus of 2 pts if 100yds.
    the person picking 1st has told me he is dead set on taking peyton.
    I'm torn between forte, Charles and Peterson. who should I pick and why? H

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    • I assume this is a 12-team league (it smells like one, based on the settings). With the 2nd pick and the first guy taking a QB, definitely, without question, and I'll click the button for you if necessary, take LeSean McCoy. I was AT training camp over the weekend. I can email you a video of Sproles returning kickoffs if you want. Sproles is going to be a RB2/WR/KR. McCoy will be a 3-down RB1 and nobody is threatening his job. Draft McCoy #2. Then with picks 23/26, you can get RB/WR. The guy with Manning will be screwed at RB. He'll have to take two of them 24/25 and then he'll be screwed at WR in the next two rounds. Take WR/WR at 47/50. Then go TE (Pitta, Olsen or Rudolph, in that order), and best WR/RB. Then go QB (Palmer is a great pick around here if QB has been picked clean), followed by best available player for 5 rounds (1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB is a good way to do it). In round 14 and 15, pick two sleepers at any position (any guy who backs up a guy that might get hurt or lose their job in the preseason, like Devonta Freeman). Wait! You won't have def or k! This is completely irrelevant. On August 27th, drop your two worst bench players (those sleepers that didn't pan out, most likely) and pick up Freese (Detroit K) and Jacksonville D (which is so much better than people think and nobody ever drafts them ... and they play Tenn and Houst 4 times). Your team, with that system, would look something like this:

      QB - Palmer, Tannehill
      RB - McCoy, Ellington (or Gerhart), Stephen Jackson or some guy like that, James White, Devonta Freeman, Stepfan Taylor (in case Ellington got hurt)
      WR - Cruz, Terrance Williams, somebody w/good QB, DeAndre Hopkins, Harry Douglas, Cody Latimer (probably going to be DEN's WR3 and not E. Sanders by the end of the preseason)
      TE - Pitta (or Rudolph)

      Then you drop Taylor if Ellington stays healthy and pick up Freese.
      Then you drop bench guy and pick up JAX, OAK, ATL.

      Switch Def, K, QB each week as necessary. Worry about byes when they happen.

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      • Just so you know, I have already drafted in all 6 of my leagues (yup, we draft early as hell). I went RB/Stafford/RB in my first draft and hate my team. The people on the message boards rated it about a 2 out of 10. In my other drafts, I went RB, RB, WR and all of my teams are much better. Not just in terms of RB2 and WR1, but also my bench is deeper. Brees would be a huge mistake. You would have Brees/RB1/RB2 and nothing at WR in a ppr league or Brees/RB1/WR1 and your RB2 will be a round worse (20 picks worse) and your WR2 will be the same. By taking McCoy (or Charles/Forte/AP, if those please you), you will get RB1/RB2/WR1 and your WR2 will be a round better and your TE will be a round better and you can get a guy like Pitta. The difference between Brees and Romo/Rivers/Dalton or even the extreme case of Brees vs. Palmer/Tannehill in combo, is not as much as downgrading RB2, WR1, WR2, and TE by 1 round each. Taking a QB early makes all other picks 1 round riskier ... what if the other guys in your league have great drafts? You could screwed at 4 starting positions in order to take Brees. I don't think it is worth it, not just from my opinion, but from my experiences drafting THIS year.

    • Charles in PPR.

    • Follow suit and take Brees


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