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    RB help

    Have 7th pick this year and am eyeing Foster and D. Murray in rounds 1 and 2. With a lot of WR talent and depth this year thinking of grabbing these 2 RB before they get real dicey. I know they are risky but could pay off nicely. What do you think? Am i nuts? LOL

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    • Thanks for all the input. I think i may just go stud WR at 7 and shoot for Murray in round 2. THen i am guessing to try and grab Alf in round 3 unless a solid wr slid a little

    • Interesting Rotoworld article this morning on the relative scoring levels of WRs and RBs in different formats. Check it out.

      I only play PPR. In that scoring format last season nearly twice as many WRs averaged 17 points per game as RBs. It's an isolated stat but it suggests, when coupled with the higher statistical likelihood of repeatability of WR production as compared to RB production, that elite WRs should be your first target in drafts, particularly if you draw a late draft position. Food for thought...

    • Go elite pass catchers early these rounds. Unlike last year, this year there is actual some solid depth for running backs. I just had my draft today in my money league, I had the 7th pick and I went 1. Calvin Johnson 2. Demaryius Thomas 3. Alfred Morris 4. Zac Stacy. Granted I got a little lucky with stacy in the 4th. RB2 is overrated position as a previous poster said. If anything WR2 position is more important.

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      • Arian Foster is injury prone so is CJ Spiller, and marshawn lynch has got problems up in seattle. So would rather take 2 stud WRs in the first couple rounds than some injury prone RBs this season. Last season in another league I took 2 RBs the first couple rounds and it hurt my receiving corp a bit. The only RBs in the 1st round that are worth a dam are picks 1 through 5. But we gotta remember, the season isn't won at the draft because you have to play the waiver wire and matchups......BUT you can also lose your season at the draft.

      • I think there is a certain 'fascination' that comes with taking two big names like Calvin Johnson and Demaryius Thomas with your first two picks and yeah I'm sure anyone would love to have them both. But the fact of the matter here is that the drop off between tier 1 and 2 of RBs is much more significant than that of receivers in terms of fantasy production. I would also say that the first tier of WRs is larger than RBs.

      • Nik...I'm open to what you're saying, but last season the scoring differential between the 1st ranked WR and the 12th was so minimal that I can't see how going with the elite WRs early is that beneficial. It certainly wouldn't have last season.

    • If you miss on your first 2 picks you're basically done for season since they usually get you most points... I think gambling on 2 injury prone rbs in the first 2 rounds is too much ris... IMO and I like both of them... If they pan out to what I think they will... then you're golden but if one busts or one gets injured and misses extended time you're way behind... and it could be even worse both could bust or get injured and you're already preparing for fantasy baseball...

    • I'd go ELITE wr at 7... either Calvin or Dez and then shoot for Murray or Foster in round 2... I want an ELITE wr or I'm not happy no matter the perceived depth... I think rb2 is most overrated position... I want 2 wrs in first 3 rounds... I then take rbs round 4-8... lots of good options that can develop into solid or even great rb2s...


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