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  • Sean K Sean K Jul 29, 2014 6:18 PM Flag

    Keeper League Trade Question. Answer mine I will answer yours

    So I am in a 12 team keeper league. We keep 2 people. Right now I could keep Arian Foster and Larry Fitzgerald. I have the number 1 and 4 pick in the first round(technically round 3). I was offered this trade:

    I give #1 pick (guy already has the number 2 pick)
    I get Doug Martin and the number 8 pick in the first round.

    I offered this trade to another guy:
    I give #4 pick first round
    I get Eddy Lacy and 1st pick in 2nd round (guy has no first round pick and is possibly keeping Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch.

    Which is better?? I think my trade but want opinions.

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    • I would offer the other guy the 4th pick in the 1st round for whichever of Lacy/Lynch/Rodgers he doesn't keep and the 1st pick in the 2nd.

    • I need to keep 6 players.....10 team league...no ppr....it is more of a dynasty/keeper league....we can keep players as long as we want....the 6 keepers count as your six rounds.....for sure I am keeping


      need 3 of
      ray rice
      ben tate
      josh Gordon ( waiting for his suspension....if it's the season I won't keep him)

    • As for your trade, I think you'll lose for what you are suggesting. If he's keeping Lynch and Rodgers over Lacy, which is bad move IMO, then you can just draft Lacy at #1. The trade would basically mean you are trading your #4 for the 1st in the next round. I would also doubt the owner accepts that trade with it also including the 2nd round pick. It should be two picks for Lacy, not 1 pick for Lacy and a pick.

    • I would do the lacy deal...but I doubt he accepts it....you want him to give up a top young back for the 4th pick....which is actually the 4th pick in the 3rd round...I don't see that happening.....he should keep lacy and probably Rodgers...

      now to the martin deal....I am down on martin...but I would think about making this trade......depending on who would be available at 1.....foster and martin is an okay start to any team.....plus you would still have picks 4 and 8 to grab some wrs.....


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