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  • didijewelrybox.com didijewelrybox.com Jul 29, 2014 3:11 PM Flag

    TE J. Thomas for R. Cobb who wins?

    Someone just offers me R. Cobb +TE J. Reed for my J. Thomas.

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    • id keep Cobb.... Cobb and Thomas are close in value.... and Reed has potential to be a top 10 TE with Gruden as coach...

    • I'd be careful with Reed. I see his potential, but he's only a couple of concussions away from some extended time off.

    • Wow, I would do that in a heart beat. In fact if I was the other guy, I would laugh in your face and decline it immediately if you sent me that. Cobb is potentially a top 5-10 WR.

      The main thing here is that it is a 2 for 1 deal. By keeping Thomas you are saying that Thomas and the guy on your roster you would drop(James Jones maybe?) are going to be better combined than Reed and Cobb combined. I think it is a no brainer, and you should actually feel a little bad about taking advantage of that guy.

    • A lot depends on who you have at WR. On paper, it's not a bad deal. Cobb will get a ton of catches, and Reed is a decent option at TE with high upside. That being said, if you are not desperate for WRs, I wouldnt do it. Cobb is good, but he is not elite. Thomas is one of only 3 elite TEs, and that is a position that is much thinner than WR. There are always good WRs that break out. You can probably get one on the waiver wire this year. But finding a breakout TE is harder. Also keep in mind - Reed has concussion issues. Durability is a concern. I would say dont do it


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