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  • Greg B Greg B Jul 29, 2014 2:13 AM Flag

    Going for the All-Consistency Team, would this team suffice in a competitive league?

    12 Team, H2H, PPR, with Bonuses - (QB - 300, 350, 400) (WR/RB - 100, 150, 200)

    My Team ........

    QB - Matt Ryan, Tony Romo
    WR - AJ Green, Vincent Jackson, Mike Wallace
    RB - Frank Gore, Chris Johnson, Ray Rice, Lamar Miller, Carlos Hyde
    TE - Jimmy Graham, Jordan Reed

    Def - Saints
    K - Who Cares

    Is this a good idea to pick these older, while being proven, RB's (let's include V-Jax also) in hope of the consistent pace they've been on over the past 3-8 years?

    Gore has had one bad season over the past 6 years... He still finished with 850 and 3.
    Rice had a really bad year last year. But before that... Pretty flawless.
    CJ has put up great yardage for a while now. Does he do it with the jets?

    I'm not a fan of drafting someone based off what they did the previous year.. (Spiller for example)

    I draft based off value... I guess my question is.... Do these value picks have any value left over?

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    • Bump...

    • And the "consistency" with Msssrs. Boom/Bust Wallace and VJax would be what? Their perplexing inconsistency?

    • Where's MJD? shouldn't this strategy include him as well.No Steven Jackson love. what gives?
      I do think that maybe Gore Rice or Johnson could have an 1100-1200 yd season left in them, but I would have used one of the picks on Romo or Ryan on another rb to help your odds and just found somebody for the bye week. I would see if you could trade one of them for an upside rb or wr somewhere around week 3 when you see someone with a weak qb situation/injury.

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      • While Ryan will suffice I believe... I couldn't turn down how often romo puts up 25 plus tds in a season. 1100-1200 yrd... I hope that's just rushing yards and not total yards. Here's a fact.... All that Chris Johnson has done since coming into the league is rush for 1000 yards seasons. To receive 1200 total yards in a season is no rare occurrence. It happens quite a bit. And I feel pretty good about my dolphins combo in lamar and Wallace. I just don't value rbs like I use to... It's to the point if you don't have a ap, jc, mccoy or marshawn you're better off waiting... And rolling some dice like I did in this draft. And it's not like I'm rolling the dice on unproven guys (gerhart for example)... It's guys who have been fantasy studs in the past.

        Was also offered marshawn and jordy for aj green and graham.... I do have reed and ertz.... And I'm a big fan of reed this year.

        Any opinions on this trade would be great.

    • I really like your team. great TE and top 2 wrs are really good. green is a stud and vjax is a real good number 2 wr. 2 solid qbs... hopefully one of them steps up and plays really well so you don't have to play the who to start each week game... but both are solid and one should step up...

      and I like your rbs. no real studs... I think all of them are ranked out side the top 10 by most to all experts... but gore will probably be solid... im likeing gore more and more as the rbs in SF are dropping like flys.... hunter out for year and L james out a month at least. chris could step up with his new team... and after two weeks rice will be back and could be back to his normal self.... I more worried aboiut Bernard price... he has looked really good. I could see him taking rices spot by year end.... I love rice but price's yards per carry and young age is creeping up.... but for your sake hopefully rice is still the man


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