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    Rank these 4 good WRs... thanks

    Rank these for good WRs for a league that is .75 of a point per reception. Not quite PPR but close...

    V Jackson
    Larry Fitz
    Steeler's A. Brown
    Charger's K. Allen

    FItz had an ok year last year but it still Fitz and Carson does seem to like him... Team is getting better but tough division.
    I love V Jax with Josh Mcown... Mcown knows how to use his big WRs... see Bears last year... V jax has never got a lot of receptions... he usually hits around 80... never pushs 100... and V Jax is a streaky. last year his overall stats pretty much came from 5 games... but I think the Bucs take a step forward this year and V jax would only reap the benefits no? Him and that rookie..

    Allen I like too... watching him on field he doesn't seem to do anything really special... average speed...good hands... smaller guy... but just puts up the stats... seems to anyways... his overall stats wearnt the greatest but he didn't really get going till week 4ish... what worries me though is he is a bit TD dependent... he wasn't putting up 8 receptions 120 yard games... he was putting up 2 receptions 50 yards 2 TD games... take away the TDs and yikes... just saying... but I still like him for where he is going about in drafts...

    Finall Brown.... I don't know what to think of him... at least 5 receptions in EVERY game... led the NFL in receptions... but he didn't really have mind blowing stats overall... couple monster games with 9 ish receptions over 100 yards and couple TDs... but Brown isn't that big and I just don't think he will improve on his numbers... only go back... still a good WR for where he is going but I don't ever think his Td numbers will be high....

    Overall rank these 4... I like V jax and Fitz the most of the 4... just because they are bigger redzone threats...

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    • brown, allen, vjax, fitz

    • Because of the PPR points - Brown, Allen, Fitzgerald, VJax

      You said Brown had high receptions but not monster stats, yet only Gordon had more receiving yards.
      Allen has the most upside of any of the guys to have a better season than last year, which was already good.
      Arians is using Fitzgerald like he was Wayne in Indy.
      You said VJax usually hits around 80 catches, yet his his receptions in past full seasons are 78, 72, 60, 68, 52, 41. Additionally, McCown was a product of the coaching/playcalling in Chicago, not a product of having big WRs.

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      • Ok Browns year was pretty good but the guy is never going to be a TD machine... as for the Vjax statement... even though you are correct... I didn't have the stats in front of me and was just saying...around 80 receptions.. my point by even saying that is he has yet to be a high reception guy. And although I agree the play calling will probably be better in Chi town... I still think this is the best Qb V jax has played with since Chargers... and Jackson averaged over 1300 yards the last 2 years...

        I just like that V jax is a big target... with his best QB in years.... on a team that is on the rise... and the guy is always near the top of the league for yards per reception.... which is good in standard leauges... but you pointed out that I said ppr.... so brown is probably the better choice

        Call me crazy... and I probably am... but my gut just thinks V jax is due for his best year in years... this may be his last best year...until evans slowly takes the number one spot... but I just think Jackson is due to break out... and I do like brown... I really do... I just don't know if he can do that again... like I don't know if he over achieved or if he is going to always put stats like that...

    • #1 Brown
      #2 Allen
      #3 VJax
      #4 Fitz

    • 1 brown
      2 vjax
      3 fitz
      4 allen

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      • Antonio Brown
        Keenan Allen
        V Jax

        Antonio Brown is without a doubt the Top WR option especially in a PPR

        Keenan allen is the next best guy with loads of upside! The only concern with him in Injuries... he was very injury prone in college, which is why his draft stock fell. Do not draft him with too many injury prone guys

        V Jax is always the safe guy... but he disappears at time... i expect him to have a great year... but when he plays a top CB... he tends to disappear a lot.

        He will have to play Carolina Twice this year and their CB has his number... so that alone is two tough matches.

        The reason why i put Fitz at number 4 isn't that hes not a good option its just Fitz has clearly lost a step over the years, seems to get hurt a lot... and on top of that Cardinals have many Receiving Options that should reduce his work load.

        It is very likely that Andre Ellington will be Dynamic catching passes out of the back field... The Emergence of Michael Floyd having a breakout season will hurt Fitzgeralds Draft stock as well as the young kid John Brown WR Cardinals.

        Bruce Ariens Reached for this kid several rounds early because he has big plans for him (John Brown WR Rookie) Dont confuse him with Jaleel Brown or whatever his name is.

        Brown Comps somewhere between a TY Hilton / Antonio Brown Both guys which were Found and Developed in a Bruce Ariens Offense.

        On top of all of this after his arm heals they will have a HUGE TE TD threat in Troy Niklas Which the love child of Bruce Ariens... Bruce Ariens loves this kid.

    • Brown, Allen, Vjax, Fitz

    • 1 brown
      2 vjax
      3 fitz
      4 allen

      close between vjax and fitz...


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