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  • Boom Boom Jul 25, 2014 10:41 PM Flag

    Ander Johnson or Roddy White

    Need to determine my final of five keepers. WR get 1 point for 10yds and each reception; 6 pts for a touchdown. Should I keep A. Johnson or White?

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    • Roddy White...
      Last year was an anomaly Johnson usually never plays full season... White has been one of most consistent WRs in recent history... It isn't close for me...

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      • Wrong about Johnson. Johnson has played every game in the last two seasons and has only missed games in 4 out of 11 seasons. That's not bad at all, and he isn't injury prone. For further comparison, Calvin Johnson has missed games in 4 out of 7 seasons.

        But the answer to the question is White.

    • You won't go wrong with either one. Both are underrated compared to historical norms. Age, a subpar 2013 due to injury and diminishing confidence in the Falcons offense are the reasons for Roddy's lowered ADP. Age, threat of a holdout and QB concerns are the reasons for AJ's lowered ADP. The player with the better offense is Roddy. AJ has the better all around skills although Roddy's precision route running is very much intact. While I typically favor the person in the better offense I slightly prefer AJ as new HC O'Brien has always designed his offenses to put the ball in the hands of his playmakers: Randy Moss or Gronk, whoever posed the greatest threat, and on the Texans that's AJ and Foster.

    • Roddy White


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