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  • Mike Tolokan Mike Tolokan Jul 21, 2014 5:19 PM Flag

    whats your draft philosophy?

    im in a 12 team non ppr standard league and was wondering what your draft philosophy is. We play a flex in our league so typically you try to plug in a rb, so for the last couple drafts ive typically drafted 2 rbs first then usually a wr....do most of you draft by the best available player or by postion? - thanks

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    • I'm a strong believer in position monopolization, mainly RB. While others are drafting a well rounded team, I attack the RB position. Then move onto the QB position. When they all start going IDP, that's when I'll take my starting WRs & TE. Even after letting everyone pick IDPs for a few rounds before you, you can still come away with a top defense from the leftovers. After they fill their IDPs, they'll go back for RB/WR depth and boom, they'll be gone. Get as many RB starters as u can, then get as many offense starters as you can.

      My 3 Yahoo drafts so far went like this...
      Team A: RB/RB/WR/QB/WR/WR/WR graded by Yahoo: A
      I'm now hating this team, not enough RB depth. I only have the 2 legit starters. One injury or slump and there goes the season. The WR/WR/WR in rounds 5-7 totally killed the team.

      Team B: RB/RB/RB/QB/RB/RB. Yes, I love RB depth that much. Graded A+

      Team C: RB/RB/RB/RB/RB/WR/QB/QB/WR/QB. This one is perfect by my philosophy. Graded A+

    • but if u go best available player it should be a QB right? look at last yr....Manning had the most fantasy pts by FAR

    • When you get bound up in positional order you draft an also ran team and that's true this season more than any other in recent memory. There are 4 elite RBs, 6 elite WRs, 3 elite QBs, and 1 elite TE (2 if you believe in Gronk's health). You are now 14 players deep in the draft. How do you draft particular positions in particular rounds without reference to your draft position with that dichotomy? Draft best available player ALWAYS!

    • My philosophy... don't overthink it. 50% of fantasy football is based on what your opponent does. The majority of your end of year roster will consist of FA adds and trades. I'd say probably 25% of your draft will factor into your year. Considering that... why bother putting so much effort into something that is so meaningless?

    • It would depend on where my first pick is... picks 1-5, I'd go with a top notch RB1... AP, McCoy, Charles, Forte, Lacy. Those are the only RBs I'd select with my #1 pick. After they are gone, I'd go with the top WR on the board like Megatron, Dez, or Demarius. Second round/tier RBs are all about the same. Second pick would be Bell, Murray, Ball, Foster Morris, or someone like that.

    • i was thinking more about going by best avail player this year but if i draft say a rb then wr then qb i have a few studs however my rb2 situation is generally weaker and my flex prob wouldnt be that great

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      • my 2 leagues I drafted (10 team NONPPR) so far I went TE WR WR WR then drafted RB RB (TRich/Ellington) and another I went WR WR WR QB but went RB next four rounds(R.Jennings and Sankey starting). I don't have strong RB in either league one league I will have DT and Brown at WR Allen at flex and Graham at TE so I wont have to even look at those positions all year except for byes and if an injury happens(I have Tate,Wallace and MJones on my bench, also).

        My other league I have Mega, AJG, as my WR then Cobb at flex again, same as 1st team wont have to switch anything up, except for bye week and if an injury occurs. I also have Gerhart and West in both leagues so if Gerhart ends up living up to the height and when Tate finally gets hurt, or West wins the job then I could really be set

        Both leagues were pick 8 out of 10. I just read this in an article also, in the last 5 years there's only been one occasion when more than half the RB taken in round 1 on average(top 12 ADP) ended up finishing in the top 12, and in the last 7 seasons no fewer than 4 and no more than 6 rushers repeated as Top 12 finishers


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