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  • Dave Dave Jul 21, 2014 10:49 AM Flag

    Evaluate my mock draft please!

    I have the #8 in a 10-team (standard scoring). Here's what I got in a mock draft today - constructive thoughts/advice?

    1. Montee Ball (Den - RB) 2. Dez Bryant (Dal - WR)
    3. Keenan Allen (SD - WR) 4. Toby Gerhart (Jax - RB)
    5. Joique Bell (Det - RB) 6. Kendall Wright (Ten - WR)
    7. Tony Romo (Dal - QB) 8. Mike Wallace (Mia - WR)
    9. Marvin Jones (Cin - WR) 10. Philip Rivers (SD - QB)
    11. Ladarius Green (SD - TE) 12. Danny Woodhead (SD - RB)
    13. Charles Clay (Mia - TE) 14. Tampa Bay (TB - DEF)
    15. Dan Carpenter (Buf - K)

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    • Here's a 2nd go, after some of your suggestions:

      1. Marshawn Lynch (Sea - RB)
      2. Dez Bryant (Dal - WR)
      3. Antonio Brown (Pit - WR)
      4. Toby Gerhart (Jax - RB)
      5. Joique Bell (Det - RB)
      6. Jordan Cameron (Cle - TE)
      7. Kendall Wright (Ten - WR)
      8. Tony Romo (Dal - QB)
      9. Mike Wallace (Mia - WR)
      10. Philip Rivers (SD - QB)
      11. Lamar Miller (Mia - RB)
      12. Zach Ertz (Phi - TE)
      13. Kelvin Benjamin (Car - WR)
      14. Tampa Bay (TB - DEF)
      15. Dan Carpenter (Buf - K)

    • for a 10 team league, I don't really like it. The only two areas where you are strong at are wr and qb. you lack of rb's. You have a rb1 that is a boom or bust, and a weak rb2 on a weak #$%$ team. Honestly, if you picked ball, you should have gone another rb in the second round as well. If Montee Ball doesn't perform this year, that team has no shot.

    • Another issue is I really don't like the new draft screen. I've missed out on more than a couple players because of it.

    • Thoughts:

      1) I love Gerhart's fantasy potential this year, but I would rather have him as a RB3. While I do think he can put up RB2 numbers, I would not rely on him. Jacksonville is going to be behind in a lot of games, and Gerhart has not proven that he can handle the main workload at the pro level. I'd get a solid/reliable RB2, and have Gerhart as a high upside RB3

      2)I like your receivers. Bryant and Keenan Allen will be very good, and Wrighty/Jones/Wallace offer solid upside at WR3. You can stream those 3 based on the matchups.

      3) Good job waiting on a QB. You got 2 quality ones later, and didn't spend a high pick.

      4)I have concerns at TE. Green has high upside, but I would not rely on him as a TE1. He should be more of a high upside TE2. Same with Clay. Both are more TE2 than TE1. I would rather see you have an established TE1, and then grab one of those guys as your backup.

    • A few thoughts.

      Ball is a boom/bust pick. There are so many holes in his game that he faces the same risks as last season: from a worst case of another back starting or the lesser outcome of just the loss of the passing downs work. Typically, you don't want a possible TRich result with your first pick.

      TE is weak. You have no likely top 10 player rostered.

      While I like many of your picks, many of the players you select usually are available significantly below where you picked them and below their given ADPs, including Bell, Gerhart and Wright.

      Finally, if your approach is dual QBs you can typically wait until later there too. You can afford to take more risk in your mid and later round picks rather than selecting players at their ADPs for fear of "losing" them. Good luck!

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      • im higher on ball but ol blues is not wrong that he is boom or bust, it was proven last year.
        you took some decent rb2s though. i like bell and woodheads value more than gerhart imo.

        youll have to do something about te. i like green too but he will disappear at times this year for you.

        i actually like your qb picks. i won my league last year with rivers starting and came in 2nd in my other one to they guy starting romo. both are qbs with good weapons, good weather, and romo will be in mad shootouts.

        you've got some holes and will need some players to come through for you but you've got a competitive team.

      • Regarding TE: I grabbed Green because I thought a run on TE's was starting (it didn't) - I like his upside, but worried Gates will still be in the picture too much. Clay was #7 TE last year, & I don't see his usage dropping very much.

        I share the concern about Ball. My other option @ that point was Lynch - decided to go with upside this time, but I don't know that I would do that in a real draft.

        My strategy was more about picking up the players I specifically wanted, & not worry too much about adp. It's something I'm playing around with to see how comfortable I am with it before the real drafts start. I'm frequently finding that I'm stuck looking at players that I don't have a good gut feeling about in those spots otherwise. As a result, I seem to end up having to grab a few at an earlier adp, because too many of them are grouped close too close to each other at their typical adp. Anyway, it's just something I'm playing around with...


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