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    Who is your # 4 QB? Also...

    Every expert I have come across has these QBs as their top 3... Manning, Brees, and Rodgers... in any order... but that isn't why I brought you here. Who is your 4th QB? I have seen a NUMBER of different experts pick a number of different players... the 5 experts on yahoo... not ONE of them have the same number 4 QB. Their number 4 QB is - Cam N, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Matt Stafford...

    Who is your Number 4 Qb?

    Also... who is your number 7 RB? The "top 6" is usually always Peterson, Charles, McCoy, Forte, Lacy, and Lynch.... who is your number 7? I have seen some people picking Martin. I can see that but at the same time I don't know about it... some are picking Foster as 7... cause he is going to bounce back. Some like M. Ball who people expect to bounce out. I do like Ball for 7... I could see him coming out... Lets be honest... any starting back for manning always does well... Edge James, Joe Addai, Moreno last year...

    Murray... Bell...Bernard are other candidates... who you like?

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    • #4 QB - Matthew Stafford (by a long shot). He easily has the highest fantasy potential of any of the remaining QBs due the slew of weapons he has at his disposal. With the additions of Golden Tate/Eric Ebron and with the emergence of Joique Bell to go along with Reggie Bush, Stafford could easily be considered a tier 1 QB next by the end of the year (if he plays to his potential).

      #7 RB - Arian Foster - Easily possesses the highest upside. Was a top 3 RB when he was healthy. Will be a tremendous value, and if he can stay healthy, can be someone who can win many fantasy leagues for people this year. I am trying to own Foster in many of my leagues

    • I agree with bry mc with Luck and Ball, or Bernard as the #6.
      I think stafford has a higher ceiling but lower floor, but to take a qb that early i think you still want "guaranteed" high production, and luck gives you that. he wont outscore the other 3, but he wont bust.
      thats why i will probably wait if i dont get one of the top 3 and take a good value like griffin or wilson or something.
      same thing goes for ball i think. being the feature back in denver gives you stability.

    • #4 QB - Stafford: best overall arsenal & the arm to use it.

      #7 RB - either M Ball or Foster. Probably lean towards Ball due to team strength/context.

    • Depends on the scoring. 4pt Passing TDs, Cam Newton all day. 6pt passing, I'll go Luck or Ryan.
      I like LeVeon Bell as the 7th RB... but I would wait until his round 2 ADP

    • My #4 QB this year will be Stafford. They have surrounded him with a boatload of weapons and he has the potential to be a top 2 fantasy QB in my opinion. I'm a Lions fan and I will tell you that Stafford is not the most consistent QB, he's gonna have his share of miss throws and interceptions but when your surrounded with the kind of offensive talent he has (Megatron, Tate, Ebron, Bush, Bell) it's pretty much impossible to not have a huge year statistically. Let's be honest when talking about QBs in fantasy, the weapons around them are as important as their actual skillset. Nobody is going to debate whether Stafford is a better QB then Brady but in my opinion theres a greater gap in their weapons then there is in their skillset. Especially with the injury history Gronk has had the last 2 years. That being said, I agree with gibbs that Brady will probably end up being a great value this year because of where you can get him as opposed to Stafford. there's a number of QBs who could have big bounce back years but I think the one who will be right there with Stafford is Matt Ryan. That offense is going to be healthy and once again when you have Julio and White as your top 2 recievers it's near impossible to not put up big numbers. Remember Ryan had good numbers last year with Harry Douglas as his number 1 for a good bulk of the season.
      As far as the running backs go the top 2 are definitely McCoy and Charles, followed by AP at 3. My 4th RB is definitely Forte and then I feel like you can start to make a lot of arguments for different backs. Lacy, Foster, Ball, Murray, Martin, Bernard...I'd probably take Lacy after Forte since the Pack will score some points and they trust Lacy but after Forte I'd probably look at a different position and come back after with a different tier 2 RB. I expect Foster to bounce back nicely this year as I do Martin. Keep in mind Martin was ranked a top 3 RB last year. (don't remind me, I took him at 2 lol) he should be a great value this year

    • Luck and Ball

    • My #4 right now is Stafford--I think he'll benefit from having Golden Tate and their new TE Ebron to throw to---but just behind Stafford I'd have Luck, Foles, Griffin, Ryan, and Newton

      My #7 RB is Bernard--but Foster and Ball are right behind him---I'm not a fan of Murray or Martin but that's just me

    • Based on performance, the QB4 is Cam. Not even debatable. Guy has been, on avg, the QB2.5 in his 3 years. Luck has a pretty good chance at being 4. But Hamilton isn't helping him any. They are too committed to the run.


    • This season I think the #4 QB will be between Stafford and Brady.

      #7 RB will be either Foster, Murray, or Martin IMO.

      I don't trust Ball...and I have been a HUGE fan of him since Wisconsin. It's true that Mannings RB's are productive, but if you can't CONSISTENTLY pass protect, you don't stay on the field. Unless he GREATLY excels at that, watch out for one of his backups to step in.

    • QB: I have tiers, not rankings and 6-10 in that tier. Numerically, most seem to put Stafford and Luck as the next 2 up, but, as we see how others perform in the preseason in new systems, with new weapons or returning from injuries personally or to their weapons, Cam, RG3, Brady, and Ryan all figure in the tier 2 conversation as well. The reality is that not far behind...if they are behind at all...are Cutler, Foles, Rivers, et al. There is HUGE depth at QB again.

      RB I don't see the same way. There are the elite 4 and a number of debatable question marks thereafter. Any from among McCoy, Charles, Forte, and AP are my number 1 guys. Then I go WR and Graham before looking at RBs again. In the secondary tier of QB1s...all with issues...are Lacy, Lynch, Foster, Murray, and Bell. And then I return to other positions for picks until deep into the second round and through mid third round of 12 team drafts.

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      • I agree with there only being 4 elite RB's. Lacy only has one season under his belt. Lynch could be devalued by Michael and a healthy Harvin stealing carries. Like Blues said, after the top 4 I'm going Calvin, then Graham, DT, Dez or AJ Green before I take a RB. Then I'd probably rank them Foster, Lynch, Lacy, Murray, Bell, Morris, Martin, Ball, Gio...etc. Something like that.

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