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  • Christopher Christopher Jul 18, 2014 9:13 AM Flag

    Answering your fantasy questions

    Anyone have anything they want answered, feel free to ask. Multiple time fantasy football champion who loves to interact with people and give advice.

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    • Julio or D.Martin. Which would you keep?

      10 teams...1/4 PPR, 1/10 point per carry, 1 point bonuses at 100/150/200 rushing/receiving. QB 2 WR, 2 RB, TE, W/T, W/R/T, DEF, K. Keep 2 using 1st two round picks. MUST keep 2....therefore a few studs will be dropped.

      Keeping Shady for sure. Have Gordon, but you see how that worked out...lol. Torn between Julio and D.Martin as my #2. If I had to choose today it's Julio for sure. Don't have to pick till after preseason, so I will be monitoring that. Have the #3 pick after keepers, so I will get a good solid pick there as well. Guys available will likely be Spiller, Ellington, Gio, Cobb, Dez(or M.Ball), D.Murray, Stacy, and Martin if I drop him.

      Keep Julio, right?


    • I'm looking for a good RB2 option but can't decide between some of the players available in that range 30-60 type range. Who do you think is undervalued I could get in the 3rd or 4th round in a 12 team league?

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      • That is a great question. There are a number of good backs that you can get in that range.

        A few guys that I like are:

        Alfred Morris - He is a late 20's/early 30's pick and depending on your league settings, he is being incredibly undervalued. I don't love him being drafted here in PPR leagues, but in standard leagues he is a steal this late. He is a lock for 1,000+ yards, and will most likely score 7-8 TDs.

        Andre Ellington - Incredibly high upside for where he is being drafted. Played well down the stretch last year, and will now be the feature back in ARI. I love his versatility, and he will definitely be a factor in both the running game and passing game. There is definitely risk here because of his size, and the fact that he is unproven as a number 1 running back. But the upside is incredible.

        Rashad Jennings - The more I evaluate this guy, the more I like him. He has always been a very talented runner, but unfortunately was buried behind MJD in Jacksonville for the better part of his career. Last year w/Oakland, he showed what he can do when given starter's touches. Jennings is 29, but doesn't have a lot of wear and tear on his body. He is a big/powerful back whose receiving skills make him a 3 down threat. Now that he is the feature back in NY, expect big numbers. Coughlin loves to run the ball.

    • 2QB league. I am debating on whether to keep D. Murray (8th round) or G. Bernard (11th round). Who offers the best value?

    • 12 team h2h Keeper league ( You can keep a player for up to 3 yrs)

      I can keep 2 players.

      Rule - The keeper counts two before the round you drafted him last yr. example- If you draft someone in the 5th round you lose a 3rd round

      Gio Benard- I would lose a 3rd rounder

      Andrew Luck- I would lose a 5th rounder

      Knowshon Moreno -I would lose an 11th rounder

      Mike Floyd-I would lose a 7th rounder

      Then there are dark horses like Marcus Lattimore and Latvius Murray where I would lose a 14th rounder for each.

      Any advice on who I should keep?

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      • Gio and Luck.

        Both offer excellent values. Gio is an ascending player, and he has a chance to be one of the NFLs best all purpose backs. I love his potential, and think 3rd round will prove to be excellent value for him.

        Luck in the 5th is the same. Luck is a player who has the potential to be a fantasy dynamo. He is a guy who next year could be on par with Stafford/Ryan, who are both going ahead of him this year. I think 5th round is a great value to keep him.

    • Your thoughts on how much KC's o-line losses will affect Charles' value this year? I know he'll still get plenty of touches, but where will he go with them w/out good blocking?

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      • I don't think it will have a huge impact. They did take some losses on their O - line, but something to consider is this: Moving Eric Fisher from RT to LT is a huge plus. Fisher is more of a natural LT, and was clearly out of place playing on the right side.

        Also - With Charles being so active in the passing game, he still is legitimately the best RB in fantasy football, or close to it (depending on if you consider McCoy a better option, as some people do).

        Expect Charles to have another monster season. If you have the chance to take him, do not pass on it.

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