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    Good Draft Strategy?

    I am at the #7 spot. I was going to go WR, RB, WR. I feel that Ball is going to be a great pick this year and I still want Morris in the 2nd. Think it's too risky to go RB, RB? I feel like there is a lot of WR depth this year....

    Anyone know of a good youtube channel to get fantasy info? I kind of liked this one summary of Gio Bernard... I still won't draft him but still I like it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Egbrf2Zm5rU

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    • I guess I'm the only one in the world that doesn't think Ball is worthy of a 1st round pick (or even a 3rd round pick)?

      Morris will probably be there later if you are targeting him. While there may be a lot of depth at WR, having one of the top guys like Megatron, Demarius Thomas, AJ, or Dez can really anchor your team throughout the season.

      It really depends on who is taken already. I think you can probably get Megatron at 7 and then take a RB with your second pick like Murray, Foster, or Martin. Then your 3rd round Morris may or may not be there, but I think he will.

    • There are 6 elite WRs. They are drafted in the first 2 rounds. The difference in fantasy production between WR 20 and WR 60 over the recent past is so small you may as well draft Marcus Wheaton instead of Torrey Smith. Your WR difference makers are the early picks. Waste them and your squad drops to average. At 7 in a 12 teamer your ideal picks are Calvin, D. Thomas or Jimmy Graham in round 1 and whoever is available between Julio Jones, Brandon Marshall or Alshon Jeffery in round 2. In round 3 let your "RB #$%$" fantasies run wild and draft Martin, Stacy, Morris, Ellington, Spiller, or whoever you covet and repeat the process in round 4 or 5 with Gerhart, Jennings, Gore, et al.

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      • I see where your going with this strategy however I think it's flawed here is why
        - will Calvin Johnson's ( clear #1 WR first round pick )!significantly outweigh say brandon Marshall, JULIO jones ( both guys top 6/7/8 WR 2/3 rd round picks ) probably not by a lot
        - will say monte ball's ( top 6/7 RB first round pick ) significantly outweigh say alf Morris, zac STACY ( both guys top 20 RBS 3/4 round picks) the answer is yes by a lot
        - with that being said you have to get a number 1 RB in either first or second round, and there aren't that many so banking on a number1 RB to make it to the second round is insane
        - nail your number 1 RB at 7 then your number 1 WR
        - for example ball, julio, alf, Cruz ( something along those lines ) is a hell of a start

    • It will depend on how other teams draft but I'll give you my opinion here
      - assuming this is a non PPR league - going RB RB isn't bad but that will leave you without a number 1 WR so here is my take
      - round one M.BALL great pick
      - ROUND 2 if demaryius, dez, NELSON, Marshall, green, JULIO ( in that order) are there take them if not then go RB guys like Murray, GIO, bell, Martin
      -- Morris in early round 2 is a bust waiting to happen, with a healthy RG3, DJAX, and GARÇON, Morris will be option. 4/5 for Washington you can do much better in round 2
      --- don't go to youtube for advice come to me !!!

    • I would use that
      -1 round 7th spot pick on Peyton.
      -You might get an early 2nd round pick at the 4th spot, so use it on a TOP wr. TOP
      -Another good wr should be around in your late 3rd round pick, probably at the 10th spot
      nelson, cobb, curz,
      -Now you have an early 4th round pick: RBs like Demarco, Ellington, Mathews, R Jennings
      and Toby should be still on the draft board. I believe those back will have a very good year.

      At 7: I'll go QB, WR, WR, RB,RB, TE, and WR

    • Your draft strategy should always depend on how other players in your draft are drafting. If you feel that WRs are deep, why take them early? Morris has a Yahoo ADP of 27.8 right now, which is late 3rd round. I've seen him in linger to the 5th and 6th is some mock drafts.

    • Assuming 10 team league you're gonna probably need to draft Ball round 1 then pray that Dez or AJ makes it back to you at 14... I don't like my team in a 3 wr league unless I get at least 1 elite wr...

      You could probably draft your pick of wr outside of Calvin at 7 then pick best remaining of Ball Foster Murray Martin (latter has been falling to round 3 quite often lately)...


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