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  • odog odog Jul 15, 2014 2:25 AM Flag

    rate my team

    Qb- Peyton Manning/Ben Roethlisberger
    RB- Gore/Trent Richardson/Ben Tate
    WR- Brandon Marshall/Antonio Brown/Marques Colston/Anquan Bolden/Dewayne Bowe
    TE- Antonio Gates/kyle Rudolph
    K- Ryan Succop
    DEF- Steelers/Jets
    Gonna try to move a WR for RB btw

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    • Yeah I gotta agree with deck, not the smartest idea to have 2 QB's when one of them is Peyton Manning. But Overall, pretty weak team. I'd have to give it a 3/10.

      Gotta upgrade desperately at RB, 3 injury prone and not the greatest when healthey.
      TE's are just as bad if not worse.
      Besides Marshall and Antonio Brown you have no one else at WR.

      Can't depend on Peyton to carry your team, gotta make some trades, keep antonio brown but package Marshall for a stud RB and even then you've got a ways to go. Good luck this season!!

    • This is pretty weak team, especially for auto-draft. It looks more like you highly pre-ranked your personal favorite players rather than for their fantasy value. I can't pinpoint who was your 4th pick or any order of players thereafter, which is a bad sign (that's also assuming Brown was your 3rd).

      Like others have said, you don't need to carry a 2nd QB with Manning, especially in lieu of no depth at RB. When Manning's bye comes or if he gets injured, there will still be a QB of Roethlisberger's value or better in FA.

      I disagree with the others about carrying two defenses. It's much better to keep & stream two good defenses rather than trying to stream the best D out of FA like most streamers do. However, these defenses are weak, unless you want to go back a few years ago. In an autopick draft, you would have had an early pick in the "defense" round, so you should have a better team there, even if a couple owners had their draft set up to take one in an earlier round.

      You never need two TEs either, unless you don't have a good one or you have two elite ones and want to keep an advantage by not putting the player in the pool with fellow owners. You currently fall in the first category, so it's understandable that you have two, but you are banking on one to have a better season than. recent seasons. TE is also the most difficult position to play matchups/stream.

      All of your RBs are backups on most teams being drafted right now.

    • Weak at rb and te is pretty fail imo.

    • As long as Peyton stays health your team has great up side. I might try to move one of you back of then end WR for a RB. Otherwise team looks like its got a chance to make the playoff's.
      Please check my post on AP vs Julio \Dynasty trade thanks

    • the defense mistake has been beaten to death...but justifably. never dude, never.
      looks like taking peyton manning cost you.
      if i were to draft qb/wr/wr than i would skip right by the tier of rbs you drafted and gone for ones with more upside. i actually think trich will be pretty good, but in most leagues all 3 of those rbs will be bench players.
      i wouldnt trade a wr right now, and its not nearly as bad as deckardisareplicant says. you have two really strong positions so it cant be that bad.
      if rudolph is good and you scower the waiver wire for some rbs like Ozz said you could turn it into a rounded team...thats how most teams come around anyways.

    • I don't think it's as bad as deck says. Your RB's are severely lacking though. Looks like you targeted QB and WR. I really like Rudolph in Norv Turner's system. Drop a D and plsy the match-ups.

    • One QB on the roster, deck?......I've tried that last season when I had
      Aaron Rodgers. I was on a roll, before Aaron went down. I like to carry
      a backup QB on staff.

      But deck right on this: No need for two defense at all. Odog, your team
      is terrible. But it might still get you in your league's playoff, I think.

      I'm guessing you plan on trading wrs B Marshall or A Brown for a RB,
      cause those are the best you have there. I wouldn't make that move just
      yet. Look to waivers first. Drop a DEF and pick up a RB off the list. Fred
      Jackson, Lamar Miller, Terrance West, Darren Sproles. etc.. and wait and
      see how their teams use them. Who knows, you might dig up a diamond
      off waivers without even giving up your two best WRs.

      Of your two TEs, I'd start K Rudolph.

      • 4 Replies to Ozz
      • Ozz how's your team looking?

      • My team is horrible? LoL. For auto I thought it was decent. If I get to playoffs...I like my chances. And yes I plan to move 1 wr. 2 defenses for matchups. Managing the team...that's how I won in 2012. That team was: QB-TOM Brady/Dalton. RB-Gore/Ridley/Turner WR-Marshall/Anquan Boldin/ Antonio Brown/Ty Hilton/Andre Roberts from the Cardinals TE--Heath Miller/Scott Chandler K- Matt Bryant. DEF-ATLANTA/SEATTLE. That team won me a title in 2012 and isn't/wasn't as good as this.

      • well if sproles is a fa after the draft that is a crime.

      • I always carry 1 qb.....except in one of my keeper leagues...we must carry two...but I guess it matters on your bench size....most my leagues we have 4 to 5 bench spots only....it creates a better free agent pool....but I believe if you have manning, brees, Rodgers, Stafford, and maybe a couple others like brady, ryan, and luck you will never sit these guys.....I would rather free up the roster spot for a high upside wr/rb like cooks, west, freeman....than carry a mddle of the road qb like ben.....if my qb goes down I would just stream qbs based on match ups.....but that's just how I roll....

    • you don't need to carry 2 qbs...you have manning and will never sit him....so ben was a wasted pick....I would not be happy with those rbs...gore will lose carries to someone, and has very little upside....I don't like tate at all right now, word from the browns is that west is going to see a lot of work...your te are very low end....you should drop a defense....you don't need to carry two....I hate your team


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