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  • snaily28 snaily28 Jul 14, 2014 3:24 PM Flag

    Opinions on my team? 14 Team League

    14 team, h2h league, standard scoring (I had the 8th pick):

    QB Stafford (9 - bye week)
    BN Foles (7)
    WR Bowe (6), Boldin (8), Randle (8)
    BN Greg Jennings (10), Benjamin/Cotchery (12)
    RB Lynch (4), Ellington (4)
    BN Sankey (9), Rice (11)
    TE Pitta
    K Gould
    DEF Tampa Bay

    Tell me what you think and what you would try to do as far as trades.

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    • Hate it honestly... I mean your wr1 is Bowe... I wouldn't like a team where he was my wr3... Let alone wr... Don't like your picks round 2-4... Round 2 you should have drafted best wr available... Draft swan key round 3 if you insist. Though I say reach and likely had gone wr again.. Round 4 stafford I'd drafted best wr or rb or maybe Gronk... Pick Ryan or Romo much later for same production... If you miss out on Rodgers manning or Brees there is almost zero reason to draft a qb such as stafford or luck in round 4-6 when you can easily get same or better production rounds 7-9...

    • Your WRs stink. It looks like you made a few major reaches.
      1.8 Lynch, good pick
      2.20 Ellington, slight reach
      3.36 Sankey, reach
      4.48 Stafford decent pick value wise, but you should have grabbed a WR here
      5.64, 6.76, 7.92 Rice/Foles/Pitta Rice isn't good value here and you needed help elsewhere/Foles is a decent starting QB in a 14 teamer, I would have liked the pick a lot more if he was your starter, but this was too early for a player that will only make your starting lineup a couple of times/Pitta is a good pick.
      Overall, I would predict your team to finish 9th or 10th out of 14. As far as trades, try to trade Ellington, Sankey or Stafford for WR help


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