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  • Gu7 Gu7 Jul 13, 2014 12:48 PM Flag

    Torrey Smith, DeSean Jackson and Marques Colston.

    What is your input on those WRs? which one or two you believe in most?

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    • I agree with Matthew.

      I'm not high on Jackson as he will have to compete with Pierre Garcon and Jordan Reed for targets, not to mention Alf.

      Smith could take over the Andre Johnson role in Kubiak's offense which makes him very intriguing. However, Smith is not Andre.

      Colston finished the season strong and although he's getting older, he can still get it done. Graham is the man in NO, so Colston fits in great as a number 2. I will target Colston in the middle rounds.

      Ranks - Colston, Smith, DJax.

    • thanks all.

    • GyT, I failed to mention in my original post Rotoworld's Silva's capsules on each player in his 7/2 listing of his fantasy top 100 players. He has a much more positive spin on both Colston and Smith than I do. Check it out.

    • I'm not high on Jackson, he has a lot more competition for targets than last year (from Riley Cooper, Zach Ertz last year to Pierre Garcon, Jordan Reed this year).
      Smith I'm somewhat high on, he could take over the Andre Johnson role in Kubiak's offense.
      Colston I 'm high on. He is Drew Brees' number 2 target behind Graham and finished last year strong.
      If I had to rank these WRs, I would rank them Colston, Smith, DJax.

    • I agree with Ol' Blues. I really dont target any of those 3. Jackson and Torrey Smith are boom or bust guys who rely on the big play. Colston is aging, and has become less of a factor over the past few years.

      That being said, If I had to choose I'd go Djax, Torrey Smith, Marques Colston.

    • Jackson by far #1, then Smith

    • I target none of the 3 but consider each if I can't get who I want. I rate them DeSean, Smith, Colston.

      Colston is the least of the 3. Age and injury have sapped his limited speed and taken away his quickness. He can no longer separate from single man coverage, but Graham's presence along with speed elsewhere causes occasional strong games vs zone coverage.

      Smith has significantly more upside. He's limited by a dreary offense and his own physical issues (stiff, inflexible hips limit his route running and elusiveness improvement), but Kubiak has made a superior talent (AJ) shine and, let's face it, apart from an aging Steve Smith, a very average Pitta and a challenged running game, there are few weapons on this team.

      DeSean is certainly the most exciting of the 3. Like Smith (and unlike Colston) he has the speed to take the top off the defense. Unlike both of them he also has the quickness and agility to separate from coverage with ease and to have would be tacklers holding their jock in 1 hand and air in the other hand. The question with DeSean is his role in a new offense, particularly one with the talent of Garçon, Reed and Alf.


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