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  • Seeking some advice please. Am OTC for 24 hrs with my 3rd round pick. Currently have megatron and d Murray, and as everyone knows running back is a little thin. On the board right now in order of rankings is A. Morris, and Ryan Mathews at rb, and Alston Jeffery, jordie Nelson and Antonio brown at wr as well as 3 other guys I'm not considering before you get to andre Ellington. Almost a full round worth of picks but I am considering reaching down to get him because Mathews is a band aid, Morris is in a somewhat bad situation now in Washington and Ellington is just electric. Though we just don't know about his workload. Should I reach for him, grab one of the other rbs, or play it safe and grab one of those 3 stud wars as my number 2?

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    • Ty all for the input. I ended up grabbing Nelson.

    • I would take Jordy Nelson. With a full year of Rodgers, he should put up significantly better numbers than last year. None of those RBs are particularly safe.

    • There is nothing terribly exciting about your listed RB picks. All have RB2 ceilings for one reason or another and even Mathews, who I like very much, now has both Donald Brown and Woodhead to deal with so I wouldn't reach for him.

      I would wait a round, perhaps 2 on RB and fill one or both of your required WR slots as the talent drop off at WR at around the 40s picks is much more precipitous than the drop off at RB. After the DeSean/Roddy area, with the exception of Floyd, there is a sea of WR3/4s and, whether you draft Torrey Smith (60s) or Markus Wheaton (120s) you're likely only dealing with a 1/2 fantasy point difference per game. So, starting at round 5 or 6 you can stop adding WRs for several rounds. You very much need to get the top WRs early.

      Startable RB2s remain every season until round 6 or later and this season is no exception (S. Jackson, T. Richardson, Pierce, Tate, Miller, Hill, F. Jackson, CJ?K, Ridley, etc.). Gore, who has finished as a top 13 fantasy RB for 3 consecutive years and figures to do so again frequently lasts into round 5. And so on.

    • if your #1 rb was better I would take a wr, but since I dont like murray that much I think you've got to take ellington if you like him. alfred morris has limited upside, but i think he is a lock for a top 10 finish.
      wr is deep this year, and you should focus on it after taking ellington since you have an extra flex spot.

    • I would go for Alshon Jeffrey or Jordy Nelson. You always can draft a decent RB2 later in the draft.

    • Need your league info...scoring, roster, # of teams, etc.
      But I would either take a stud or the guy you like. Ellington has the most upside out of those rbs (expecially in a ppr) and none of them are cant miss picks.
      Jordie Nelson is the best "cant miss" player on the board imo.


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