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  • James James Jul 4, 2014 4:02 AM Flag

    Draft suggestions

    In a twelve team league where the point system favors Quarterbacks but we must start 2, I have the 11th pick in the 1st round then the 14th pick when it snakes into the second round. Top 10 QBs will be gone by the time I get to my 1st pick. I plan to take a QB 1st round best player available, but was considering going RB or WR for my second pick to take a top player before I lose the chance because I would have to wait 20 picks to get back to me after I pick 14th. This would most likely result in getting a lower QB2 but better quality players in other positions. Was wondering what opinions people have for me. Should I go QB/QB or gamble on QB/RB and go for Jamaal Charles or Lesean McCoy?

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    • Two qb leagues shouldnt be over 10 teams as it just gets silly.

    • espn fantasy focus podcast with Mathew berry and nate ravitz?

    • Just see how the draft goes. If the first 10 picks are all QB's pick the top RB or WR. Always get the best player.

    • I would see how the draft goes first, I wouldnt be so sure that 10 qbs will go before you pick 11th, you may still be able to take Luck/Wilson or something.
      But if you're right, dont take the a qb that you dont know is going to be any better than a guy that will be there when it gets back to you.
      One of the things I live by is "be a shepard, not a sheep", meaning dont chase positions during the draft, try and set the trends and have the draft chase you. So, I would take an elite player with one or both of my first two picks, cause if you dont you will not have ANY elite players on your roster.

    • It's going to be a long time before you get your 3rd pick, and a lot of QBs will be off the board by then. I would just take the best 2 QBs available, or you may be stuck hoping Matt Cassel holds off Teddy Bridgewater all season.

    • I Don't know how your scoring is setup up exactly... some are setup up really weird. Just to get a feeling, I would look up last yr pts differential between the top 6-11 QBs (which may be available to you - be surprised how many managers do not pay attention to league setups or are just stubborn and pick RB) to the rest of pack. Then compare to the pt differential from top 2 WRs or top 2 RB to rest of guys. Take into consideration bounceback campaigns this yr and injury's last yr also when analyzing - Jay cutler may not appear to be top 24 QBish last yr but will be this yr.

      Doesn't matter so much how they score as a group but the difference in pts between elite to the rest. (keeping in mind it is a 2 qb league so def wanna focus on filling those slots obviously - we are just talking about your 1st or 2nd rd pick which you might wanna grab an elite WR/RB)

      50pts difference between the QB available to you at #11 to the next 15-20 QBs
      (QB pt range 500-450)

      90 pts difference between the top RB/WR available to you vs next 20
      (RB pt range 300-210, WR pt range 280-190)

      Even if QBs score more as a group I would def grab an elite RB or WR if the gap is greater. Maybe even at my 1st pick if Mccoy/charles still avail. Def get a QB in my top 2 of 3 picks though.


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