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    Rank thes 4 Backs.. Idk who to take!

    So rank these 4 backs. Which you like the most of just these 4… Oh and it a ppr league.
    J. Charles, L. Mccoy, E. Lacy, M. Forte.
    All are ranked pretty high but I usually see Charles and Mccoy ahead of Lacy and Forte on most expert boards. Which is understandable but am I wrong to like Lacy and Forte more then Charles and Mccoy? Lacy and Forte are both on really good Os and are the feature back. Lacy had double didight TDs last year and didn’t get started til like week 5. I really like Lacy of the 4. I KNOW Rodgers makes that team go but any RB on a team that will score close to 30 a game is a guy to have.
    Charles lost THREE starting linemen from last year.. 3/5th of his starting line. Not to mention of the 4 backs, KC is probably the "worst O" of the 4. Not really explosive. But Charles is good and feature back. I LOVED McCoy coming into this year UNTIL the Eagles signed Sproles. McCoy is still the man there at RB and the team will score but I think Sproles steals JUST enough of McCoy's stats because Sproles is close if not just as good of a pass catching RB as McCoy.
    I just see Charles and McCoy taking a step back while Forte and Lacy go forward. Forte worries me a little because he has burnt me in the past (see his second year) not to mention he has had injuries but the Bears O is looking good. That team should score around 30 a game also.
    Though on them 4 backs?

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    • I'd rank them 1. McCoy 2. Lacy 3a. Forte 3b. Charles

      McCoy, and Foles/everyone, has had an entire year to learn this system. He should perform well, even with Sproles on the roster.

      Lacy is a beast. He didn't even really get going until 4 or 5 games into the season. Got his bell rung very early in 1st qtr of early season game, missed all of that game and the next b/c of concussion. It was a cheap shot too, if I recall correctly. In his absence, Starks ran wild... with Rodgers behind center. Lacy came back and played 6 games with Wallace, Flynn, and that other scrub behind center. Teams stacked the box and he still performed. Another year in system, hopefully with Rodgers playing all season.. Lacy will be huge.

    • I would rank them McCoy, Charles, Forte, Lacy. If you prefer Lacy, you can probably draft McCoy/Charles and then trade whichever one you get for Lacy and a mid-round pick.

    • Charles, McCoy, Forte, Lacy for ppr


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