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    Draft Strategy Keeper League

    Who should I draft with the 10th, 15th and 16th picks. I acquired the 16th pick in the upcoming draft through trade last year and I'm wondering who would be the best pick.
    I'm in a 12 team standard league and we have 2 keepers. 13 of the 24 keepers are top 25 picks so it thins out the top talent available. My two keepers are RBs being selected in the 4th and 10th rounds.
    These are the available players I'm projecting to be still around at my picks:
    D. Brees, Antonio Brown, J. Nelson, CJ Spiller, R. Cobb, K. Allen, L. Fitz, F. Gore, R. Mathews, R. Bush, V-Jax, V. Cruz.
    Since I have already have my RB1+2 I'm planning on taking 2 WRs and a QB with my 3 picks. I think Brees will be available on my 15th pick and I'll take another WR with the 16th unless one of those RBs are too good to pass up.

    Thanks for helping with this

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    • I was thinking of taking a WR with my #10 pick because I expect the following two teams which have the next 4 picks to each take a WR and I wanted to be sure that I got the best one available. The more I think though I might take Brees at 10 because I cant be sure that he'll be there when it snakes back to me and I feel there will still be decent options at WR.

    • You definitely take Brees , maybe at 10 to ensure you get him. Surprised hes not a keeper because he is definitely top 24 talent and I don't know if hell fall at 10. I like Brown and Allen as the recievers. Then Cobb, Nelson, VJax

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      • Our Keeper rules state that no player can be kept if drafted before the 4th round. This is the 4th year of the league and many of the considered top 25 players this year were drafted at lower rounds the previous years and held as keepers since. Brees however was never drafted beyond the first 3 rounds making him ineligible as a keeper. I got lucky the first year when I drafted Matt Forte in the 4th round granting me keeper status on him since.

    • I'd take Allen, Cobb, Brees if they are all still there for you


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