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  • Gibbs Gibbs May 31, 2014 6:02 PM Flag

    Dynasty rookie draft pick trade question.

    12 Team 1/2 PPR Dynasty League. I have picks #10 and #15 in the upcoming rookie/FA draft. My team needs RB help most. Manager who has #4 pick has offered his pick and maybe a later one for both of mine. I would likely be targeting Hyde since I already have Lattimore. That way I SHOULD have a firm grasp on the future run game in SF. Sankey and Hill will be gone by then.

    I also wouldn't pick again for quite a while afterwards though.

    Go after Hyde? Or take my picks? Could get 2 of T.West, T.Mason, D.Freeman, K.Carey, T.Gerhart etc.

    Also could likely get Watkins or Evans too, and trade a WR or two later for a RB.

    What would you suggest?

    qb: rodgers
    wr: harvin
    wr: jordy
    rb: charles
    rb: rice
    te: gronk
    w/t: cruz
    w/r/t: c.patterson
    def: NE (streaming)
    k: tucker
    d: s.lee
    d: posluszny
    BENCH: rb: moreno, a.brown, m.lattimore, k.davis WR: t.austin, j.maclin, shorts III, r.randle QB: foles TE: witten

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    • Here's another trade option. Would you trade my 2 picks for T.Richardson? How about both picks and Foles for Marshall AND Richardson? I hate getting rid of Foles, but for this deal, I may be inclined. Any thoughts?

    • I think Evans, Watkins and Hyde will be gone top 3 in a dynasty......and your slots you can get Hill and Freeman or Mason which is better than Bishop Sankey

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      • I know for sure the first few picks will be #1 Sankey or Watkins...#2 ???...#3 Hill if he's there, or Hyde if Hill is gone. At #4 Hyde, Evans, and possibly Watkins will be available. #1 and #3 are close personal friends, so we have discussed their picks. #2 is unknown so far.

        I think it would be best for me to keep my picks. Might be able to get a combo of Mason/West/Freeman/J.Matthews/B.Cooks or even T.Gerhart who will be useful for a few years. If I make the trade I get one chance, and it's not a guarantee that guy pans out. I don't want Sankey, I don't see the bright future that others do. If I can walk away with T.West and D.Freeman, I'm happy.

    • I also have been offered B.Marshall for my first two picks OR for my first pick and Foles. Your thoughts on that?

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      • I like it a lot.....10th will be a good player but you will win trade esp since you already have Aa-Rod

      • I have considered Marshall for the 2 picks, but it's hard to give up 2 potential future studs for a guy who has 3-4 years left. I really don't wanna give up Foles though. He was a FA pickup and it's nice to have a QUALITY backup for byes/injuries/etc. Hell...I intend to start the year off with him. GB opens the year IN Seattle, I think Philly is playing JAX at home if I remember correctly.

        Guy who has #4 also has #1 through a trade. He is gonna take Sankey @#1, #2 is unknown thus far, and #3 will take Hill if he's still there. I would be able to chose between whichever of Watkins, Evans, or Hyde. These are close friends, so we have discussed a lot thus far. #2 guy is a little wacky with his choices, I heard rumor he want BORTLES @ #2. He currently has Romo @ QB.

        Is it THAT obvious to take Marshall for my two picks? Or to trade up and take Hyde, Evans, or Watkins? Or just take my picks and get a couple of future studs. My team is pretty solid right now, I can afford to wait for those rookies to emerge. Like D.Freeman, T.West, or J.Matthews possibly.

        Rough choice? Or am I over thinking it and should just get Marshall?

        Side note: The manager with Shady is who has Marshall. He wants Foles BAD! He has Ryan now, but wants to team up Shady and Foles. he also has no picks till #28. And he makes trades with his emotions, not his brain. He recently traded Lacy, #1, #24, and Rivers away for Djax, #4, and #21 LOL. Then traded Gio, TY, #4, and #21 for Shady, Crabtree, and #28...lol!

      • Take Marshall

      • Id take Marshall for the 2 picks or Foles either one since you have Rodgers. Or id try to trade up and get Sankey or Hill. Id also go after Bernard Pierce I believe hes the backup RB in Balt


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