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  • Ryan Ryan Sep 15, 2013 7:16 PM Flag

    Draft order cheating

    How can I check to see if my draft order was random? My commissioner assures us it was but several of the guys in my league are extremely suspicious. I've clicked on everything and I cannot find anything about the draft order. Thanks.

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    • Click on Scoring and Settings under the League drop down list. Look for Draft Type. BUT what a commissioner does prior to the draft is a moot point for anything after the draft. This should have been discussed at the draft and if not then you can't complain now at week 2. Even if the commissioner switches from random to ordered then "so what" the draft still happened and picks were made based on that order, AT least you haven't been locked out!!! If it is random then you need to tell the trouble makers to shut up.

    • I'm a commish, and when I set the league to be ready to put the order up, it said it will email the league to tell them the order was up and it would to it again if I tried to change the order.
      Why do you assume it wasn't random?


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