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  • Khan Khan Aug 22, 2013 2:11 PM Flag

    3 for 1 Trades

    Here is my team.
    QB - Brees/Romo
    WR - Colston/Bowe/Wallace/Thompkins
    RB - Martin/Jones-Drew/Ivory/Ingram/Vereen/Hillman
    TE - Witten
    K - Janikowski
    Def - New England

    An owner offered me Torrey Smith/Ben Tate/Brandon Myers for Shane Vereen. Looking only at the value of the players in the trade it appears that I'm getting the better end of the trade, of course it is 3x1. I realized that I would have to drop 2 players to accept the trade so I reviewed my roster to determine who I would drop, I found that I couldn't drop anyone because I believe my players are better than all of his except Torrey Smith. I started to reject the offer based on that but realized that he may just be wanting to make a deal because he believes Vereen is going to be good so I counter offered Vereen for only Torrey Smith. HE REJECTED IT!!! Now he's freaking out. What do you think of that? Why would he offer 3x1 but decline a 1x1 with the same players where he is giving up less talent?

    Here is my thinking, he was hoping I would be stupid enough to accept the trade so I would have to drop some of my good players so he could pick them up after the trade processes and they clear waivers. First of all - if that is what he was doing then I think it is a despicable strategy, if he wasn't then he should have realized it and understood that this was an evaluation I would have to do and then make the adjustments so I could accept his offer. I'm curious though, what do you think of this as a trade strategy? Does anyone think trade mongers use this strategy to improve their teams by this indirect method?

    In some people's eyes Tate maybe better than some of my RBs but from what I'm hearing Ivory and Ingram will start and Hillman has great potential especially on 3rd downs and with Tate's injuries, underachieving, and Foster I felt my RBs potential was greater and I think it is quite obvious. Now if Foster can't play then Tate is a steal but that is a risky strategy if you already have starter

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    • I would counter offer....Torrey Smith/Tate for vareen then I would drop thompking...looks like foster is one play away from a long lasting injury plus vareen is also a handcuff...Torrey Smith will have a better year then Wallace or Bowe

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      • I did counter offer, Vereen for Smith, did you miss that? Why would I drop Thompkins, it is looking like he is going to be #2 WR for the Patriots, he is having a great preseason and with Hernandez in jail and Gronk hurting Thompkins has a huge upside. Vereen does too and that is why I would want Torrey Smith, but no more because of the dropping issue. Question, what do you base the Smith is better than Wallace or Bowe? Bowe is the man in KC with a pass happy Reid the new coach, Wallace won't have the numbers he had last year but they'll still be good and I suspect as good as Smiths. Your insight is appreciated.

    • I'd jump right on that message board and start my own thread about the arrogant jerk who thinks he can pull off three for one trades. Has anyone ever successfully pulled off one of those? Stick to your guns...

    • The owner that offered the trade is now freaking out on the message boards about how I won't trade even when it is way in my favor. I tried to tell him that even though the offer was lopsided in my favor it wasn't something that improved my team. Wonder how many people think of this when they post on these message boards, so many of the posts only put the players in the trade. Giving only those facts in a trade leaves many important parts of trade evaluation out of the posts and therefore that is why I leave those questions alone, hard to evaluate trades without the whole picture like the roster and the owners evaluation in his and the other owner players fantasy value.

    • He's an idiot if he is trying to get your players by forcing you to drop them


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