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  • Chris the Chemist Chris the Chemist Aug 3, 2013 4:54 PM Flag

    Double Points Myth

    Stop talking about double points... there's no such thing, unless of course your league actually awards double points when you have the QB and WR/TE/RB from the same team connect for a TD. Then by all means call it double points.
    In reality tho, all you're getting are regular points. Congrats to you if you have Romo and Dez... and Dez catches a TD! But if you drafted Dez, don't be all gung-ho about drafting Romo later on because you'll get "double points"
    Just take the best available guy each round based on team needs, sure if you happen to get a QB on the same team as one of your WRs... thats cool i suppose. I'm not saying that's a bad idea... I'm just saying quit pretending that you're getting "double points" You should really look at getting the best players available, regardless of the rest of your roster.
    Personally I like to spread my team out completely. You'll never kick yourself for starting the wrong guy, and you won't be hurting when the team you own everybody on lays an egg. I prefer to start the WR from the same team of my opponent's QB. I call that "cancelling points"... actually, I get more points than my opponent every time they connect for a TD.

    In an unrelated topic... don't be afraid to start your DEF against your QB. People worry about this quite often. Every INT thrown is cancelled out, thats a good deal

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    • You are a bold man to take on this myth.Those who can see it as a myth can't unsee it. The others just see one play making their points go up by 6 or 12 or even more a 50 yd td in ppr would be 20 if qb tds count 6. It's the equivalent of those that drive 45 minutes each way to save 5 cents per gallon without being able to be convinced their time + the miles on the car makes it not worth $2 they saved

    • Totally agree. Don't call it double points, just refer to it as QB/WR combo

    • dude,what I mean by double points is if you have joe montana and jerry rice on your team,joe throws a td to jerry,are you not getting double points? 6 for joes td pass,6 for rices td catch,plus the yardage they both accumulated,isnt that double as opposed to matt ryan throwing a td to julio jones who you dont have on your team? now you got only half the points as you would if you had both players.....duh! chemist!

    • I like to have a WR on the same team as my QB. BUT, I don't want to to be my WR1 or WR2. Eli paired with Nicks killed me last year. 2 years previous Rodgers paired with Jordy won me the league. Another guy killed us all last year with Ryan and Julio...Points are points and there's no such thing as double points. Often a WR/QB combo helps you win BIG, but all you really needed was a win, and on the other hand if that team has a bad game you just had 2 players score low. I don't want to risk a top five or even top 6 draft pick on a WR to pair with my QB or visa versa- as that makes my team more dependent on the success of one NFL team. Spread you chances of winning out. I think your hurting yourself if your forced to play your QB/WR combo every week- every team has bad matchups. But if you can get your QB's WR3 or 4 for a good draft value and use him as a flex, I think that's a good idea. Just my opinion.

    • I couldn't agree more with this. I've seen a draft where a guy must have planned his entire draft strategy on this: he took Rodgers at 1.10 and then Cobb at 2.01. That's baffling to me.

      On the same token, this is also why I'm not as averse as most people to taking two wideouts from the same team, or TE/WR. In the end, if you trust your projections for each player it shouldn't matter.

    • "Just take the best available guy each round based on team needs" is the thing people should ultimately remember. This goes hand-in-hand with taking a QB and WR to have that combination. It's one thing if you have A-Rod then Nelson falls to you in the 4th round, that's great. More power to you if you take him there. But if you reach for Nelson when you could have had Demaryius Thomas or Roddy White, that's when you start screwing up.

    • what about starting ur stud WR against ur def? i have that problem week 1 ala brandon marshall vs CIN

    • If I happen to land Aaron Rodgers in the draft, I'll be waaaaaaaay less inclined to go after any Packers WR. I'm already getting the points from my QB, why play the guessing game on which WR to target?