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  • quantumman quantumman Aug 3, 2013 2:46 AM Flag

    Take this advice for drafting players.....

    dont rush to draft one of the top 10 qb's,let the other people draft them while you scoff up extra quality rb's and wr's, josh freeman for example is rarely drafted,he puts up good fantasy points weekly,as does sam bradford,while these bottom level qb's wont score you the upper 20's in points weekly,the quality rb's and wr's you grabbed up while the others were wasting picks on brady,manning,brees and the like will be putting up good points that will in effect cover your points from your lower tier qb,
    the top qb's do not score high points every week,they have 2-3 games per year where they bomb out in points,I look to get anywhere from 10-20 points per game from my qb's and I let the powerhouse players on my team rack up the points,
    In 1 qb leagues you can only play 1 qb,but you can have 3 wr's,2 rb's and some allow more,these players get us the points,
    heres another thing,try to get the qb that your starting wr is with,josh freeman has vincent jackson for example,thats double points!
    he also has an awsome rb,now you are upping your point potential all the more if he passes a td to him as well,theres plenty of good qb's left on the board after the mid rounds,you should easily have 3 very good rb's,3 very good wr's,1 good tight end,and even a very good dst before you even select your qb1,
    your last few picks should be another wr,another rb,another qb,kicker,and if you have picks left,
    another te,
    one last thing, dont over look mike vick and desean jackson,both who can be had in later rounds,add bryce brown to that list and zach ertz and you potentially have some huge scoring oppurtunities,these guys will be playing full time,your especially rolling good if you already grabbed lesean mccoy.
    Vick will be throwing the ball to all of these guys quite often,they are all play makers with huge play making capabilities,with the exception of mccoy,you can grab these guys in the late middle rounds and you should already have a pretty well stocked bench by then.....
    good luck

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    • No way I'd draft 30 - 40% of my players from one tea. If the team scores big, you're sitting pretty. if they get shut down, your team is screwed.

    • If a guy like Brees falls to me in the 3rd round, I'm taking him, no questions asked. For me, it's all about taking the best player available.

    • I agree with everything except the "double points"
      There's no such thing

    • I drafted Brees before and i got him at like pick 30 so i wait to see if brees or rodgers falls to me and if they dont just wait and get like stafford

    • Please Dude if you dont take a QB in your first 4 picks your chance of winning is about 20% in most leagues I take a QB 1st or 2nd pick every time and Win alot of leagues with the top 5-6 QBs you can play the WR combo with the lesser QBs this isnt effective since the don`t throw as many TDs. I find tat RBs are the easy thing to replace someone is always getting hurt or replaced . its not so easy to replace a Drew Brees or Arron Rodgers

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      • double points do exist, but in that fashion if the qb has a bad day you also double burn. Dont need a qb in the first 4 rounds. Ridiculous

      • look at my profile,look at the teams i consistently come in 1st,2nd,3rd place every year,look at the lesser qb's that got me there,also what i mean by double points is this, if mike vick throws a td to desean jackson you immediately got 12 points,plus the yardage for both players,thats double points,get that 2 times in a game you already have 24 points,
        drafting lesean mccoy,vick,djax,bryc brown,and zack ertz is very accessible in almost all leagues right now,outside of mccoy who is a top 10 player,your getting the other players for a hell of a steal,
        if you play all 5 of those players and assume vick throws a td to djax,mccoy,ertz,and brown you scored 30 points already not counting the yards points,plus,you still have 2 other wide recievers playing that day to score points,a kicker and a defense,your potential points could assumably be
        14 for djax,16 for mccoy,10 for brown,10 for ertz,25 or more for vick,maybe 10-20 for your other 2 wr's,5-10 for your kicker,5-10 for dst,your toatl points could be....105 or higher depending on yardage and other stats associated with scoring,of course this is also a gamble,but isnt that what the game is all about? im just trying to explain a really good fantasy draft thats quite available and could be quite the payoff in the end....


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