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    Best way to approach the draft

    what positions should i concentrate on first in the draft. or what would the best order

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    • The best approach is to take calculated risks, but back them up with "safe" picks. Don't listen to "experts" that try to warn you off of "unproven" backs like Miller or Wilson. You have to be aggressive to win in fantasy football.

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      • Sorry, I don't have a recipe of success that says draft X position in rounds Y-Z. That's not the way I play. The best way to approach a draft is to get an idea of which players are generally going in which rounds of the draft and develop a list of players that you want to target in each round of the draft. Start off by drafting BPA, but eventually you will have to start drafting by need. For example, if you were on the clock in rounds 1 and 2 and you thought that the best players available were running backs, then round 3 you will probably need to start targeting wide receivers only.

        In the middle rounds, I will target players that bolster wherever I'm weaker. If I think my RBs are solid but I'm kind of weak at WR, I will primarily target WO's in the middle rounds, but I won't completely ignore RB.

        QBs and TEs are not that important to me. You only need to start one of each, so finding a decent one late is not hard. I have done a couple of Yahoo pro leagues and have drafted Russel Wilson and Matt Ryan in the seventh round. I'm cool with having those guys as my QB. As far as TE, I'll target Graham or Gronk if they slip somewhat, but if I miss them I'm waiting a long time.

    • Read read read
      I like Matthew Berry(ESPN )alot don't
      I'm a fantasy nerd who perpetually loses, but still loves it
      injury bug -getting too tricky and some just bad matchups such as being the second highest scoring team playing the first highest that week multiple times in a season. I seem to finish in the middle most times.
      My biggest suggestion is TIERS
      whether you create your own cheat sheet (very easy with excel) or use one off a website.I color code tiers so even if I haven't drafted a qb in the fifth or sixth rd and a rb or wide reciever I have in my secon tier is still available I'll grab him if there are plenty of qbs in the tier thats left.
      I feel like I'm not explianing it well. The idea is there are players who are very similar in projected yds/points
      so if forte sprole s-Jax MJD frank gore are still there when you pickin the second and they will still be one left
      why not take Graham and pick one of them in the third
      also practice in mocks and be sure to talk as much smack as you can

    • Depends on where you draft, the size of the league, scoring, who falls/is available etc... The most important thing, imo, is to be flexible and adjust to what the draft gives you. You may want to go RB/RB but say Calvin falls to the beginning of the second or Rodgers late 2nd/early third then often times those picks provide more value than a RB you intended to draft. Same thing with WRs. Say you wanted to go WR in round 3 and the top 5 are gone, but Jimmy Graham is still there. It's probably wiser to take Graham than the #6-7 WR just because of the fall off at the position after him.

    • if you have a top 7 pick i would take a rb.....after that calvin would be in the mix for a first rounder....2nd round i would go rb....usually i would wait on qb...... unless you pick toward the end of the 2nd start of the 3rd round and rodgers or bress are still there....i wouldn't pass on those guys for the 14th-15th ranked running back......


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