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  • Abe VDP Abe VDP Jul 22, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    Just drafted - Rate em!

    10 team Standard league (1 keeper) with 6 pts for passing TDs, 8 yds = 1 pt for receiving, and return yards (30 ret yds = 1 pt). I kept Russell Wilson and traded my second pick (he picked Alf Morris) for another guy's keeper which was Adrian Peterson (yes, I stole that from him...)
    Here is my team:
    QB - R. Wilson
    RBs - AP, David Wilson, A. Bradshaw, Andre Brown, Z. Stacy
    WRs - Julio Jones, R. Cobb, R. Wayne, Josh Gordon, DeAndre Hopkins, A. Dobson
    TEs - Witten, O. Daniels
    D/ST - Seahawks
    K - P. Dawson

    I went rookie WR heavy in the later rounds thinking that one of them might pop in their situation and hoping that Stacy becomes the starter in StL...

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