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  • wildchild wildchild Jul 20, 2013 1:07 PM Flag

    2QB Keeper Draft Strategy

    Just wanted to throw around an idea and see some responses.

    16T H2H NON-PPR 10-player keeper. QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, Q/W/R/T, K, Def, 9 bench spots
    **We can start up to two QBs in a 16 team league!! AND.. league setup where QBs score 1.5 times the RBs and even slightly more against WRs (Rodgers = 454pts, AP = 311).

    I had #12 pick. 5 QBs taken already (Rodgers, Cam, Brees, Peyton, Ryan)
    Players of note left: Rice, Spiller, Lynch, Calvin, Alfred Morris, AJ, Julio, Graham, Forte, Dez, MJD, CJ2K, Ridley....
    I figured with the QB run already started (and not wanting to possible be left with a Eli, Romo, or Roth who are aging and have become inconsistent)... and it being a 16T, 2QB league.. I Grabbed Andrew Luck who ranks as #2 dynasty fantasy QB on several sites.

    Now I'm left with a couple scenarios with my 2nd rd pick coming up in 8 picks (next guys just drafted Lynch and Brady BTW)
    #1 - I pair Luck with another strong, high scoring dynasty QB (we start 2 in 16 teamer!!) like RG3, Staff, Wilson, Kaep and then draft a l. miller, dmc, bell/ball/lacy/bernard, ingram, Ryan Mathews, ivory in 3rd and 4th rds

    #2 - I draft one of the leftover RBs who have shorter prime yrs. Hoping at least Alfred Morris lasts as others go after Qbs as well. Spiller and Rice should go

    #3 - Go after an Elite WR. Have a feeling Julio or AJ might be left.

    #4 - Draft Graham if avail OR even Gronk?? keep 10 remember and I plan on playing for next 5yrs and beyond..

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