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  • J J Jul 20, 2013 12:31 AM Flag

    Is My Team That Bad?

    10 team standard league with a flex...I am projected 10th, here's what I've got:

    Matt Stafford
    L. Fitz
    D Amandola
    A Brown
    A Morris
    S Jax
    B Myers
    D Wilson

    This seems like a pretty solid starting line up to me...certainly not 10 of 10. Do I get downgraded because of my bench?

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    • I'd be ok with that team. Jax, provided his body still has anything left after the years of beating he took in St Louis, should have a big year. In many people's eyes he's a high RB2, or even lower-end RB1. Morris is a stud no matter the league rules, and if you are NOT in a PPR league his value just skyrocketed. He's not used much in the passing game, so he doesn't lose any value whatsoever in non-PPR leagues, while several other RB's do.

      I like your WR situation. The talent is there, but some things will have to go your way in order to be successful. Fitzgerald is the man. People have taken him early in the second round for a few years, and that was with a garbage QB situation. Why he's sliding a bit this year confuses the heck out of me. Carson Palmer isn't a superstar, but he's a huge upgrade over pretty much everyone the Cards have put under center since Warner retired. Despite his awesomeness I have avoided Fitz the past few years, but I will be hunting for him this year, especially if he's there in the middle-to-late third round.

      Amendola can be huge if he just stays healthy...IF!!!

      If your league decently rewards for QB passing yardage, you will be happy with Stafford. He disappoints in the TD department, but he is a yardage machine, finishing 3rd and 2nd the past two seasons. The key to Stafford taking the next step is the Lions actually running the ball more. Their offense is so dedicated to passing that it often hurts Stafford, because the DEF knows what's coming. With Reggie Bush coming to town, hopefully they can find a better balance and force opposing defenses to play honestly. The guy attempted 727 passes last year, 57 more than Drew Brees. Insane...

      I like Brandon Myers...a lot. I bought into him earlier than most last year and it actually paid off until he got a concussion. If he's healthy, and the Giants actually use him (they have a bad habit of forgetting the TE) you will be fine.

      Good Luck!!

    • very unpredictable.. Boom or bust. Every single player on your team. hahaha. looking for bouncebacks from Stafford, Fitz, Antonio Brown. Increased production or health from Amendola, S-Jax, D Wilson, Myers.

      I like taking risks myself BUT in 10 team league you may have too many. I wouldn't get discouraged. Might drop the kicker and pickup up a guy like Ben Tate who could be a top 20 player as a result to injury in preseason. If it doesn't pan out then you can always go grab a kicker (who are unpredictable themselves and I would just ride the hot foot anyways though season)


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