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    10 team league - (QB,WR,WR,RB,RB,TE,W/RB/T,K,DEF)

    Matthew Stafford
    Vincent Jackson
    Marques Colston
    Arian Foster
    Matt Forte
    Tony Gonzalez
    Chris Johnson

    Dan Bailey

    New England - def

    James Jones
    Rashard Mendenhall
    Stevie Johnson
    Michael Vick
    Mikel Leshoure
    Michael Turner - fyi - I realize he is a free agent but it was the last pick in the draft.

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    • RB= :)
      Rest= :(

    • The problem is your bench is horrible. In a 10 team league you should have a MUCH better bench than you currently do. This will hurt you when there's injuries and bye weeks.

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      • I wouldn't call james jones, stevie Johnson and Michael vick horrible... the backup rb spot is in question yes, but this was a flex position league and rbs were a hot commodity.

        mendenhall should be the starter for az and with there passing game and him being well removed from his torn acl im thinking should be alright.

        Leshoure is backing up bush, and bush has never been able to stay healthy... turner is obviously a gamble because hes not even on a team yet, but he still had plenty left in the tank last year. he rushed for almost a 1k yards with 70 less touches than the previous year.

        That's my justification anyways lol.

    • pretty solid team...

      The Lions seem to fall short of expectation every year, but Stafford can be a fanatsy-points machine. He always ends up among the leaders in yardage, so if your league rewards QB's well in that category he should be a stud for you, despite the INT's and occasional failure to put it in the end zone.

      I like your WR's. Jackson has some stinker games sometimes, but he has a lot of decent games, and enough great games to make him a solid WR1.

      I think it's time to give up on Chris Johnson ever being what he was in the first couple of seasons, but I think he should be better than whatever he's been showing us the past two seasons. If he comes even close to the output that made him famous a few years ago he will be huge for you. If he falls flat, then at least you have James Jones, or maybe even Stevie J, to put in that flex position.

      Your only glaring weak point is in your backup RB situation, but who knows, maybe Mendenhall finds his groove this year. If he does, you will be looking great. Considering Turner was your last pick, I think it was worth the gamble. He proved that he still has a little left in the tank, and he's just one starting RB's pre-season injury away from finding himself on someone's roster.

      Vick is also a question mark, as there's no guarantee he'll even be the starter, but you have some time to determine if you'll need to go in another direction. Since it's just a 10-team league I'm assuming there's at least a handful of starting QB's left to choose from if you find yourself needing to dump Vick on short notice.

      I'd be pretty happy with that team. Good Luck!!

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      • Thanks for the input.

        I was a little weary about Johnson. I had him last year and traded him after 4 weeks then he started doing a lot better... im hoping his down fall last season was because of his time off.

        I am def weary of the backup rb spot, all of my starting rb's are on bye at the same week so I figured I had room to take some chances and hope for good trade value. leshoure I figured was only a matter of time till bush got hurt.

        Turner like you said, last pick so I gambled. he still had a solid year last year for getting 70 less touches through the year than the year before.

        of the qb's in philly I would be shocked if vick didn't get the nod...

    • Should be ok but doesnt make me hot in the pants.

    • In a 150 player draft... you shouldn't have LeShoure and Turner

    • In a 150 player draft... you shouldn't have LeShoure and Turner


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