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  • Avi Avi Jul 13, 2013 2:37 AM Flag

    Trade Down in My Draft?

    I'm in an 8 team league and have the 2nd pick in our draft. I've been getting some offers to trade the 2nd pick for something later on in the first. Obviously I'd need some other compensation pick (or swap more picks to make it even out), but I'm not sure what to ask for.

    What kind of offers would you guys take for the 2nd pick?

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    • In my opinion, there isn't a lot of difference between the 7ish RBs ranked after Peterson, so I would try to trade the pick. If I could get a 4th round pick for moving down in the first round, I would do it in a heartbeat in an eight team league.

    • Really depends on how far down you're trading. If you're trading down to #5-6, you're looking at Martin or Charles, #7-8 you're going to end up with Spiller or Richardson. That's a big difference.

      It's a bit tricky to figure the worth of a first rounder in an 8 team league because its so much more important to consolidate value rather than have better depth. After all, odds are most of your depth guys are going to be sitting behind superstars and won't ever see playing time outside of bye weeks. But in my opinion, if you're getting back the #5-6 pick in exchange for the #2, I'd look for at least a 4th. If it's #7-8, I'd want a 3rd.

      A 4th rounder would likely net you a player in the range of White, MJD, Graham, VJax, or Newton, while a 3rd could get you Gore, D Thomas, or CJ2k. So, putting this in perspective, is it in your best interest to trade the #2 pick (likely Foster) for the #5-6 (Martin or Charles) + White/MJD/Graham? I'd say absolutely yes. Is the #7-8 (Spiller or Richardson) + Gore/Thomas/CJ2k? That's a little tougher to say, but I'd likely agree to that deal as well.


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