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  • Dylan Dylan Jul 2, 2013 1:08 AM Flag

    how'd my draft go ?

    Had a really good draft in my opinion 5 teams went with Qb's really early which left a lot of solid Wr / Rb waiting. 10 team ppr league 22 man roster. having said that my qb's arn't as solid as i would have liked .

    QB - Cutler

    Wr - Bryant
    Wr - harvin
    Wr - shorts

    Rb - McCoy
    Rb - Charles

    Te - Pitta
    Te - Myers

    W/r - Nicks (wr)
    W/r - T - rich (rb)
    W/r - wallace (wr)
    bnch - sproles (rb)
    bnch - dobson
    bnch - jeffery
    Bnch - givens
    Bnch vick
    Bnch ballard
    DEF - Baltimore

    K - Empty

    thanks what do you guys think .. thinking about trading a WR for a more productive Qb ...

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    • Um... I'd start Vick over Cutler. Tell me you didn't draft Cutler before Vick. And yes... in a PPR you need to start Sproles. Good looking team, just need to drop an etc. player and pick up a kicker. What are the other etc players anyway?

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      • Don't know how I missed Vick sitting on your bench in my previous response. Vick should absolutely start in front of Cutler, if healthy he could easily be a top 10 QB (healthy being the operative word). However, I would still recommend making a trade for a more suitable starting QB, Vick is a boom or bust pick and considering your depth you have the luxury of entertaining a lot of trade options.

    • Are you seriously starting wallace and shorts over sproles in a ppr? Wow you must be new to ppr you should do some research on the game. You obviously need to make a move at qb in a ten team league you are giving up way too many points at qb. I dont think you need rodgers but you dont even have a top 20 guy ffs.

    • I'm not sure how many you have to start at each position, but I'd try and trade on of your RB's for a stud qb. Sproles is money in the bank in PPR. I wouldn't want to touch the guys you have listed as your top wr's or rb's. I'd try and trade richardson.

    • I really like your team. I have no idea how you got Richardson, Charles, and McCoy, but that should be the strongest RB tandem in your league. Also, I'd start Sproles over Nicks, but that's just a personal opinion.

      As for WR, Dez and Harvin are both solid #1 WRs, and Shorts is possibly my favorite WR sleeper this year. Add Wallace and Nicks to that (not to mention Dobson), and it's just plain unfair how deep your team is. TE is solid, I see Pitta as a top 3 TE this year, and think Myers has significant upside as well.

      But, just like you mentioned, easily the weakest spot is QB. Cutler is around the 20th QB on my big board, and really has no place starting in a 10 team league. Good news is, that means several guys in your league will have very good QBs sitting idle on the bench. Hopefully this means you can buy low.

      I'd suggest using Nicks as trade bait, try to get someone like Kaep, Luck, Wilson, RGIII, or Ryan. At least one of these guys will likely be riding the pine in your league, so getting a deal to go through should be a snap.

      (Depending on where Nicks was drafted in your league, he may be worth more or less than some of these QBs. If he's worth less, you may also consider using the trade to upgrade one of your deep sleepers for a slightly better prospect, i.e. Nicks + Dobson for Ryan + Josh Gordon or DeAndre Hopkins.)


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