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  • Abe VDP Abe VDP Jul 1, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    Keeper Question

    10 team Standard League and I can keep ONE of the following four players:
    M. Stafford
    R. Wilson
    David Wilson
    M. LeShoure

    I have the second pick in a 10 team snake draft with extra picks in the 4th, 5th, and 7th rounds. Also take into account that other teams are keeping guys and the RBs who will be available to m at #2 are McCoy or Charles so if I kept David Wilson I would have two RBs in a draft that is LOADED with QBs... I could be the last guy to pick a QB and still get like Romo or Luck or someone like that so I am leaning away from keeping a QB... Thoughts?

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    • Standard yahoo scoring?

    • I don't know why everyone is so high on David Wilson this year. I recall Andre Brown being very good, which leads me to believe RBBC at the very least. David Wilson is a BIG question mark in my book

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      • I sold my team last year for draft picks in this year's draft so tell me which of those guys isn't a question mark? LsShoure is the definite backup with Bush in DET now. Stafford had a bad season last year but should be better and Wilson may have a soph slump or at least may not be as prolific as some other QBs. I could get both Stafford and Wilson as well as Romo, Luck, Griffin III, or Vick as late as the 6th, 7th, and 8th round. David Wilson won't be around by the 6th round in our draft and his upside is definitely better as a big play guy. Again, none of them are who I want for a keeper, but that's the breaks...

    • I would not keep LeShoure, period.

      Stafford SHOULD be better than 2012, but might not be as good as 2011. Wilson SHOULD be better with Harvin in fold, but there's always the chance of a sophomore slump and the league figuring him out. But neither of these guys is a top-5 at a position that is very deep in a draft where only 10 QBs are started (I assume).

      David Wilson I like alot, and in a vacuum of any impact on your draft slotting, I would keep him. QB is very deep this year, RB not as much and even less so if your have several teams snapping up RB keepers.

      I would agree with your analysis that a McCoy or Charles plus Wilson would give you a formidable duo even just going into the 2nd round of the draft and your extra in the 4th or 5th could still easily land you either R. Wilson or Stafford if you were high on either of those guys.


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