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  • Deuce Deuce Jul 1, 2013 3:50 AM Flag

    Why is it so hard to understand? The facts are out there....

    The day of the RB dominating FFL are over. This is the New Pass First NFL, and thus, the QB is the new leader in FFL Points. Don't believe me? Go to your league stats and look.

    I play in 4 and 6pt Passing td leagues, all are ppr...and the top 5 or 6 spots are ALL QB's.

    Yet I go to projected draft ratings...and it's 19 spots before you get to a QB...even Jimmy Graham (who I'm a big supporter of, outside of a healthy Gronk he's the best FFL TE in the game), Dez Bryant....Steven Jackson...I mean COME ON.

    Rodgers, Brees, Both Mannings, Stafford, Rivers (Honestly a STEAL in any draft this year...Norv is GONE), Matt Ryan, and even Tom Brady (I'm staying with him this year)...ALL better options for fantasy production and less of an injury risk factor that just about anyone ahead of them.

    Why is it so hard for the FFL crowd to understand and acknowledge this? RB's are not the end all be all anymore (and 2QB leagues are now completely invalid). It's the QB's that have taken over FFL.

    Are people just that stupid? Does NO ONE do ANY research? Ya know, this is why guys get voted onto the MLB All star team that are on the DL for the entire year.

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    • Lol in my 4 years of playing FF ive never once drafted a top 8 Qb and ive won at least 15 leagues ( not to brag lol ) Eli , rivers , freeman , dalton , vick , palmer . are all good enough for me.

    • You're not as smart as you think you are. Look up the terms "coefficient of variation" and "replaceability" (as they relate to FFL, of course) and then let me know if you still want to draft a QB in the first round in a ten team or even a twelve team league.

    • Yes they lead in scoring, but you can only start 1 QB. I'd much rather have 2 awesome RBs and some great WRs and maybe a TE. I'll settle for 20pts/week out of my last QB off the board.
      6pt passing TDs is a completely different story

    • Agreed on all counts but starting RBs not in a time share are so rare they get picked early bc QB and WR are SOOOOOOOOOO deep. That's the reasons for the rankings. Its not that RBs are better than the ones they are rnked ahead of, just simple supply and demand for those RBs not in a time share...

    • Problem is that, while QBs do score far more points than even the best RB, the difference among QBs themselves can be minuscule. For example, Rodgers is the consensus #1 QB, but is there honestly any doubt that Brees, Manning, Newton, and maybe even Kaep and Ryan will all score in the ballpark?

      The reason QBs are still being drafted so low isn't because they don't score a lot of points, it's that in most leagues you can start three RBs. And among RBs, there's a much wider disparity in value. With QBs, you can pick up a Romo or Stafford in the 6th and still get within 20-30 points of the elite QBs. So it's quite obvious to me, it's better to end up with a middle tier QB in the middle rounds with an elite core of RBs than to spend a 1st or 2nd rounder on an "elite" QB.

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      • Your math doesn't work.

        I took a 4pt passing TD/PPR FFL and applied your math too it.
        Top 3 are QB's are 337-351, rodgers is at number 2. 4th is AP (as he should be).
        Spiller was a whopping 234 and Richardson a 208.
        Your math DOES NOT hold water. Wanna know why? Romo and Stafford are BOTH in the 280's. That's not 20 points, that' 60. According to your logic, 289 (romo) + 234 + 208 = 731 351 + 208 + 228( this number was created using he 4 immediately above and below CJ Spiller, including him as an average) = 787...in case you're paying attention...you're dead freaking WRONG. ALL of you are.
        There is no 20 pt swing, it's a 60 point swing from the Big Three (Brady, Brees, and Rodgers) to the rest of the romo's stafford's etc.
        The numbers don't lie. And you also have to remember the replacement refs...they weren't calling the game like the normal refs....add another 250-300 yards plus a TD or 2 to every QB as a result of the 1st 3 weeks of last season. The year before there were FIVE GUYS THAT THREW FOR OVER 5K yards.
        Now, in these junior leagues with 8 teams and 3 RB,s I can understand NOT taking a QB if you're drafting 4th or worse....but if Rodgers or Brees (I can understand a lack of trust in Brady, I don't support it but I can understand it) are available, they are going to outperform, ANY RB you may draft (barring injury, which they are less prone to due to the dress that the NFL let's them wear) in a 14 Team or deeper League. Bar none. The guys that you would want to draft as a RB will be GONE in the 2nd round. You won't be able to even sniff Reggie Bush at that point. But that's ok....you have a SOLID point scoring machine. we're talking 30 pts over AP, who almost had a record breaking year...and this is in a 4Pt passing TD/PPR League...in a 6Pt NON-ppr league....drafting anyone over Brees, Brady, or rodgers is just simply inviting a visit to the sanitarium (in other words you're crazy)

      • Agreed... the facts are out there. Why is it so hard to understand?

      • Tyler, you ain't never lie!


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