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    Draft Strategy

    What is everyone best draft strategy this year?

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    • Depends on a lot of things like league size as in # of managers and positions drafted, defensive players, # of QB positions, points per yard settings, and position in the draft. The smaller the league the more I focus on RB first no matter where I pick in the draft. In larger leagues I will pre rank my players according to point settings and last years point totals using the player reports as a guide. Getting the highest scoring player last year is always a thought. In pre ranking I focus placing injured players on the excluded side and the last 10 positions of the draft, players I believe are ready to break out, every year I get some wrong and I get some right. Here are my sleepers this year - Blackmon, Dwyer, DHB, Broyles, McCluster, Swope, Shipley, Moeaki, actually all of the Chiefs offensive players with Reid going there. If I get the first pick I always take AD. With defense players get JJ Watt and Geno Atkins for your DL positions because they are WAY better than the other DL players then focus on LB, CB, and safeties that get a lot of tackles, if solo tackles are 1 point or more, tackles are a consistent barometer across all 16 games while sacks/fumbles/ints are all or nothing stats. In 2 QB leagues if I'm in a 12 team or larger league then I'll take the top 2 QBs and lots of times it is the 2 highest scoring players from the previous year and it'll also start the rush on QBs. Generally that means managers are dipping deep in the pool of QBs to get theirs before they don't get a good one and that means they are drafting way below the actual value for that round, this leaves some higher ranked WR/TE/RB that would have normally been gone. I'll go after a top defense only 1 round before I believe the run will start and if the run starts then I let it go and focus on bench players. I will always have players in my queue during the draft in case I get disconnected but the top two will always be current and next round players.

    • Same strategy as every other year

    • I like to go RB and then Grab Graham in the 2nd. If i miss Graham I'll take the best RB or WR avail. 3rd round i could comeback with another RB. I like to wait on my QB until around the 6th-7th round. I usually settle for a Romo, Luck or Stafford. Basically i like to wait on my Qb so just fill in the other positions. Strategies differ for different formats

    • In a standard yahoo league u should target Doug Martin with and early pick, no go on Martin, get the best wr available.
      2nd round, go dez, graham, or Fitzgerald,
      3rd, I'd like a qb here.... Cam or Peyton,
      4th, I'd like gronk, Cruz, or another wr of ur choice... I guess welker should be there.

      Then load up on running backs the next few rounds... Take some sleepers like Lamar miller, bell, ball, Wilson, Wilson's backup brown,

      sleeper recievers like trevon, boldin.

      Answer mine.... Doug and James jones or aj green and Chris Johnson.

    • do several mocks and narrow down about 4 or 5 guys that will be available for each of your picks- then put those guys in order on who you like best. There is no magic formula like RB RB WR WR- it will just depend on your draft spot and which players your likely to be looking at.

    • Auction or Snake?

      Snake should be RB-RB if you can get 2 top 15 RBs.

      After that you should take the best available at other positions.

      Auction I target the top RBs so that's $120-$130 total.

      $50-$60 goes into the best WRs I can afford.

      Up to $10 goes into my starting QB.

      Final pennies goes into my TE & bench.


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