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  • Justin C Justin C Jun 7, 2013 10:25 PM Flag

    Who to Keep?

    I have it narrowed down to these guys, and i need some help choosing. Lose the round player was drafted previous yr unless the player was a F.A. Then lose round player is being drafted this yr. I have 3rd pick in this yrs draft (.5 ppr) 10 team league.
    Pick 2
    J. Charles -1st rd
    A. Morris-2nd rd
    P. Harvin-5th rd
    J. Graham-10th rd
    DJ Wilson -11th rd
    I'm leaning towards Graham and Wilson and depending who is available taking Calvin Johnson with my first pick. Big name RB will all be kept.

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    • Hold on Stevie-oh, let us think about this. All of the other big name RBs are being kept. So which RBs will be there for him to draft with the 3rd pick? Also, with WR being crazy deep this year, keeping a WR might not be the best option. So, Graham is a no-brainer as his 10th round tag is mind blowing. Then that leaves keeping Wilson or Morris. Wilson is the starter in NYG land, but Brown is nothing to sneeze at. Can you draft Brown to pair with Wilson? or If you have no faith in Wilson, then keep Morris depending on who you might be able to get with the 3rd pick in the draft. If you keep JC you will not be able to get Morris in the second, as someone else will grab him.

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      • Now this is what I wanted, some different things to kick around. I said big name RB would be kept, that means Foster, Peterson and I know Richardson, and Martin will be kept. Lets say I keep Morris for a 2nd rd pick. I think I would for sure have a shot at one of the following RB's Rice, Lynch, Charles, McCoy. Or like I said before Calvin Johnson and the reason I say him is last year I was left weak at WR and it killed me. With that said that would give me two #1 RB's and the best TE right off the bat.

    • are you telling me that Jimmy GRahm fell to the 10th round last year??? wow, let me get in on your next draft.

      That said, KEEP Graham for sure. Also Percy Harvin, hands down...Harvin is being drafted in the late 2nd round to early 3rd round this year.

      Harvin should finish in the Top 5 Fantasy Scoring WR this year. Graham is the best at his position. you will have the first 4 picks to do as you please...

      with the 3rd pick I would not take Calvin that early...realistically...Foster or AP might fall to you (QB's are going early this year)


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