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  • Ben Ben Jun 6, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

    Keeper Question

    Standard Yahoo scoring. Three keepers, lose the draft pick where the keeper was originally drafted. Two first round keepers can be kept as 1st and 2nd round picks. I have the 2nd overall pick in the draft this year so if I don't keep Calvin or Charles I could draft one, but not both. Pick Three:

    Calvin Johnson (1st round pick)
    Jamaal Charles (1st round pick)
    Reggie Bush (3rd round pick)
    RGIII (7th round pick)
    Randall Cobb (12th round pick)
    Aaron Hernandez (13th round pick)


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    • Keep Charles and Megatron no doubt about it.

    • Ok, Keep CJ and JC as they are both 1st round picks this year in any settings. Then I would keep Cobb, but Aaron H. is prob. just as good. QB is crazy deep so you can get one easy. GL in 2013.

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      • Very true. I can't decide if having Calvin and Charles is better than drafting my first two picks and keeping Cobb and Hernandez as my 12th and 13th round picks. If I don't keep them both I'd probably draft charles and then end up with someone like Fitz, VJax, Roddy or reggie bush in the 2nd. I know I can get a qb deep but RGII will go in the 3rd or 4th round of my keeper league because 9 teams are keeping quarterbacks. So it's a tough one but I'm leaning toward keeping RGIII, Cobb, and Hernandez (especially if Gronk is out for awhile) and then just drafting Charles and the the best RB/WR available with my number 2 pick. What do you think?

    • keep johnson, Cobb, and Hernandez. Cobb and Hernendez should be a no brainer, (this year I have seen Cobb drafted in the 2nd round in PPR formats, and hernendez in the 5th round)

      DO not keep Charles, yes he should have a good year but the value you get by keeping Cobb and Hernandez at the price of those late round picks are too good.

      reggie should fall to you in the 3rd round again this year anyways, snag best QB available in 2nd round and you are golden.

    • Charles, Johnson, and RG3. Best 3 guys period. if you take either of those 1st rders.. you lose your 2nd overall in 1st rd right? and the one you let go gets taken probably before your 2nd rd pick.. I wouldn't risk it.

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      • If I keep Charles and Calvin I lose my 1st and 2nd round picks. If I keep just one I lose my first round pick. Being able to get Charles and Calvin in the first two rounds is pretty tempting and if I let one go they would def be taken before my 2nd round pick. But I think Cobb will have a huge year and being able to get him in the 12th is great value. QB is also pretty deep this year so if I don't keep RGIII I could probably draft him in the 4th or 5th round.

    • I'd draft Foster with that #2 pick and keep RGIII Cobb and Hernandez

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      • Ya I'd do that if he was available. Sorry forgot to mention that AP, Foster, Martin, and Spiller will be kept by other teams. Ray Rice, Charles, Calvin, and MCcoy are the best players available. I'm basically trying to decide between keeping Charles, Calvin and Cobb or RGIII, Cobb and Hernandez. Is the late round value of RGIII and Hernandez better than getting Charles and Calvin as my 1st and 2nd round picks?


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