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  • dee dee Jan 18, 2013 12:31 PM Flag

    14 teams 2 keepers

    reading this i wondered why you want one of luck's wr's? mix it up in case something goes way bad next season (i'm a panthers fan who watched the imploding of newton/smitty so it happens!)

    but if you are determined to do this, in a keeper league, i'd go young. yeah i've been booed on this board for suggesting hilton to start only that i was right for a given team. he does have good chemistry w/luck.

    on the flip side, wayne is the vet and we know how he's going to perform...hilton will most likely be available to you in the draft. might want to go wayne, then draft hilton, see what happens, and shop wayne if season 2 is as good or better for hilton /luck as this one. if he sucks then you have a dependable wr with short shelf life due to age.



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