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  • dee dee Jan 2, 2013 12:46 PM Flag


    i'm in a 10 league non ppr. we get to take one player from another team who we're paired with like champ/#10, 2/9 and so on. i'm keeping doug martin from the team i'm paired with (best player on that team to pick since he's keeping rodgers).

    here's my dilemma: i have peyton, luck, and foster. who to keep? qb's get more pts than rbs in this league. peyton was my money in the bank each week regardless of who i started. bench peyton, i lost. i know he might not have many years left but hard to look over.

    luck is the qb of the future. did well but i'm expecting a soph slump next season?

    foster's been my keeper for years now. he gets me to the playoffs but never a championship. plus with his heart problem (which is actually a more serious condition than anyone lets on) and age, i wonder if i can slip martin in his place.

    it's an offline draft and i have 7th pick. who might i be able to draft out of these 3? most guys keep qb studs if that helps.

    any thoughts? i won't make a final decision until summer and see how all this shakes out, but others views are welcome. thnx!

    oh yeah. i also have eli but he's messed me up so much in recent years w/his inconsistency that i'm not considering him.

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